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Having Fresh, Having Better Life. Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies professional food packaging machines, packaging materials and food processing machines to worldwide customers. Based on over 10 years’ experience in packaging machines production and sales, together with a professional research and production team, we are fully ready to provide an appropriate packaging solution to your food & non-food products. Our quick-response communication team and production team allows us to bring what you need with the most possibly shortest lead-time.

Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in vacuum packaging machines, VSP vacuum skin packaging machines, MAP modified atmosphere packaging machines, thermoforming packaging machines, tray & cup filling sealing machines, cling film food wrapping machines, HFFS flow wrapping machines, VFFS vertical form fill seal machines, which help to prolong food shelf life and freshness by cuting-edge packaging technologies. We offer what we believe to be the widest range of packaging equipment and related materials. Generally speaking, we manufacture much more than packaging machines: We deliver dependable, packaging solutions that are built to last. Should you require something unique, you are invited to contact us for a solution to solve your most demanding packaging challenge. If you require dependable, long-lasting, flexible packaging solutions, Yide Machinery can give you a competitive edge.

Extend Food Freshness with Our Packaging Machines

Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies various food packaging machines that are used to package food products to have them prepared for handling, storage, transportation and retailing. However, the most important role of food packaging is to extend the shelf life and freshness of various food products with appropriate packaging technologies. The use of proper packaging machines can bring your food packaging to a whole new level that features better QC quality control, increased efficiency, more comfortable working conditions, and of course, longer shelf life.

The choosing of appropriate food packaging machine depends on the food specifications, capacity requirements, and budget plan. Below we provide an overview of the food packaging machine and packaging types we have available, including what they are, the key benefits, and typical applications.

Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines

vacuum skin packaging machine

Vacuum skin packaging – also often referred to as VSP, vacuum skin pack, skin packaging – is an innovative packaging technology for food products, especially fresh/frozen meat, seafood and fish, frozen durian pulps and ready meals.Vacuum skin pack offers an attractive 3D presentation to the product, so the consumers can clearly observe the freshness in the package.

We provide full range of vacuum skin packaging machines with different prices and different productivities for you to choose, from small Tabletop vacuum skin packaging machines to thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine.

MAP Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machines Tray Sealer

modified atmosphere packaging machine

MAP modified atmosphere packaging  is the packaging technology tochange the atmosphere inside the package to extend food shelf life. The general working process of MAP packaging is to put the trays into the vacuum chamber of the MAP machine, evacuate all the air in the vacuum chamber by a vacuum pump, then fill out the trays with new atmosphere that is pre-mixed at certain ratio by an air mixer.

Modified atmosphere packaging machines are also available for the Tray-Sealing-Only function with massive productivity of over 2000 trays per hour.

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packaging is one of the most commonly used food packaging technology because it costs less and is more convenient to operate, compared to vacuum skin packaging (VSP) and modified atmosphere pckaging (MAP). Chamber vacuum packaging machines are so common that you can see 1 or multiple sets of them in almost any food factories, grocery stores, and supermarkets.

vacuum packaging machine

Yide Machinery supplies chamber vacuum packaging machines of various productivities and price ranges, including single chamber vacuum sealers, double chamber vacuum packaging machines, and belt-type continuous vacuum packaging machines. Besides the regular models, you can ask to customize the machines with your own specifications.

Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Thermoforming packaging machine is simply a combination of plastic thermo-forming machine and packaging sealing machine. The forming station (chamber) is the part to form the package container, and the sealing station (chamber) is the part to seal the package container with a top layer of plastic material.

thermoforming packaging machine

Thermoforming packaging machine can handle flexible plastic sheet, rigid plastic sheet, and medical paper. The packaging type can be: Vacuum Packaging; VSP vacuum skin packaging; MAP modified atmosphere packaging; Only form  and seal.

Cling Film Wrapping Machines

Automatic cling film wrapping machine wraps food products in trays or without trays with cling film. It’s designed to retain freshness and presentation of food products for a longer time. Cling film wrapping can be used for various food products, including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, poultry, sushi, cooked food, ready meals, etc.

automatic food tray wrapper

We supply automatic cling film wrapping machines with various capacities, specificaitons and prices, from tabletop type to fully automatic inline type. Please tell us the products you need to pack, and package size information so that we can recommend the appropriate cling film wrapping machine to you.

Packaging Materials

Yide Machinery doesn’t manufacture packaging materials, but we have built close partnership with several packaging material factories in the city, so that we can get very good distributor price. If you would like us to find the packaging material resources for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Ordinary packaging materials available: Thermoforming films; Vacuum bags; Aluminum foil bags; Various pouches; Plastic trays for VSP vacuum skin packaging and MAP modified atmosphere pckaging; MAP lidding films.

POF polyolefin shrink wrap film

Packaging Solutions

meat processing machine

Using of appropriate packaging solution is important for obtaining longer shelf life, better quality control, more sales volume, more customer satisfaction, and more profits.

In this section, you can find packaging solutions samples for meat products, seafood and fish products, agricultural produces, poultry products, dairy and cheese, bakery, ready-meals, pet-food, and medical devices.

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meat vacuum skin packaging machine

Food packaging machines play a critical role in the food industry. You deserve a reliable supplier.

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