about Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltd.

About Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of food packaging machines and relative food processing machines. We supply high quality, reliable packaging machines that are fully compatible with safety and hygiene standards. With the modern production facility and qualified technical team, We are committed to provide:

  • Quality and flexible designed machines
  • Cost-effective packaging materials
  • Professional customer support and after-sales service
  • All-inclusive and easy to use technology
  • Fast and professional international delivery in multiple channels: Sea shipping/Air shipping/Express shipping

Yide Machinery manufactures and exports a broad range of high-quality packaging machines for virtually every application (food and non-food). We produce packaging machines for both high-speed and low-volume applications. While having the ability and experiences to provide integrated packaging solutions for grown businesses, we are happy to supply entry-level packaging machines for business starters. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for in this catalog, please don’t hesitate to ask us about our custom manufacturing capabilities with your specified requirements.

Yide Machinery offers what we believe to be the widest range of packaging equipment and related materials. Generally speaking, we manufacture much more than packaging machines: We deliver dependable, packaging solutions that are built to last. Should you require something unique, you are invited to contact us for a solution to solve your most demanding packaging challenge. If you require dependable, long-lasting, flexible packaging solutions, Yide Machinery can give you a competitive edge.

We owns brand name AlltoPack, and website https://alltopack.com.

Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our location

Our address is: No. 248 Shunyi Road, Economic Development Zone, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China, 262200

The packaging machines we supply

Zhucheng Yide Machinery manufacture and supply various packaging machines include:

  1. Chamber vacuum packaging machines: Single chamber vacuum packaging machine, Double chamber vacuum packaging machine, Belt-type continuous vacuum packaging machine, Inline vacuum packaging machine with conveyor belt, Rotary automatic bagging vacuum packaging machine
  2. Thermoforming packaging machines for vacuum packaging, vacuum skin packaging, and MAP modified atmosphere packaging
  3. Vacuum skin packaging machines: Tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine; Semi-auto floor type vacuum skin packaging machine; Automatic vertical vacuum skin packaging machine, inline vacuum skin packaging machine
  4. MAP Modified atmosphere packaging machines and tray sealer: Tabletop MAP tray sealer, Vertical MAP tray sealer, inline MAP tray sealer, rotary mold belt MAP tray sealer
  5. Cling film food wrapping machines: Tabletop type clind film wrapper machine; Vertical type cling film wrapper machine; Fully automatic inline type cling film wrapping machine
  6. HFFS flow wrapping machines: Regular type, Frequency conversion type, 3-servo type
  7. VFFS vertical form fill seal machine
  8. Rotary automatic bagging sealing machine
  9. Packaging machine related devices (we will purchase from our suppliers): Multi-head weighers, Automatic filling devices, Metal detectors, Weighing labelling machines, Printing devices

The packaging materials we supply

Thanks to the long-term, stable and sincere partnership with the packaging material factories, we are able to supply the follow packaging materials at reasonable prices:

  1. Premade vacuum pouches, aluminum foil pouches for vacuum packaging machines
  2. Rollstock film, thermoforming film for thermoforming packaging machines
  3. Premade plastic containers (trays/bowls/cups) and top sealing film rolls for MAP tray sealers
  4. Premade plastic containers and sealing film rolls for vacuum skin packaging machines
  5. Cling film rolls
  6. Film rolls for HFFS, VFFS machines
  7. If you need our help to source other packaging materials, please let us know
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