International purchasing has been a headache to many business owners, especially when it comes to complicated machines. But buying packaging machines from Yide Machinery could be one of the best purchasing experience you’ll ever have.

We offer plenty of support and diversified order processing channels to minimize your effort to be paid in the purchasing, so that you can focus on your business rather than keep worrying about “when will the machine come?”, “will the machine be manufactured as I want?”, “where is the machine now”, etc.

Start up

The purchasing of a new packaging machine should be planned beforehand of the production requirement. You certainly can’t expect to have the packaging machine standing in your factory ready to work as soon as you place an order from packaging machine factory in China. Do make the plan in advance.

The time frame of purchasing a packaging machine is composed of:

  1. The time to decide what you need
  2. The time to find the right packaging machine supplier
  3. The time to communicate with the supplier, make sure there are no misunderstandings.
  4. The time for the supplier to have the packaging machine ready for shipment (Lead time). Even the packaging machines in stock doesn’t mean they can be shipped tomorrow.
  5. Payment transfer time. Most suppliers need to receive deposit before they start to manufacture the packaging machine, and 100% payment should be cleared before shipment. Especially for the customized packaging machines. International fund transfer usually takes 1-3 working days.
  6. The machine is ready, the payment is cleared, now can the machine be sent to the seaport tomorrow? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that the packaging machine will be on the ship tomorrow. Usually suppliers send the machine to seaport 1 week ahead of the ship departure date.
  7. Thank God, the ship departs from the seaport today, I guess the packaging machine will arrive in a few days. Yes, maybe. But hold on. Check the distance between your seaport and China seaport. If you are in East Asia, South-East Asia, you can expect the machines in 4-10 working days. But if you are in Europe, America, Africa, the delivery time is usually over 30 days.
  8. Time for custom clearance. It usually takes a few days to complete the import custom clearance process. Find a professional agent to do the work would be a good choice if you are not very familiar with the custom things.

How to receive your ordered products as soon as possible

Yide Machinery is very happy to coordinate with our value customers to make sure you can receive the ordered packaging machines as soon as possible. To achieve this goal, both buyer and seller shall take effort


Before placing an order, please communite with us to clarify the details of your requirements, mainly include:

  1. What product do you pack (productt name, size, shape)
  2. The package dimension (not weight)
  3. The condition of the products (fresh, frozen, dry, cured, etc)
  4. The packaging speed you need (how many packages per hour)
  5. Any other special requirements (date printing, easy-opening, auto-filling, etc)

After placing an order, please make sure to make the agreed payment transfer as soon as possible.

Start the custom clearance before the machine arrive at your seaport. Ask your company staff or custom-clearnace agent to prepare the process in advance, get familiar with any possible regulations/laws that may effect the import process.


As the seller of the ordered packaging machines, Yide Machinery will make sure that we can understand buyer’s requirements timely and correctly.

We try to prepare enough stocks for standard models packaging machines, and arrange production of customized packaging machine into schedule according to the payment time.

We will try to arrange the earliest and fastest shipment.

All necessary documents will be provided to buyers once they are available.

Payment terms

We only accept bank transfer for international payment. We also have offshore bank accounts that you can pay as a local bank account, which might be more convenient, and save some costs.

For small packaging machines, please pay 100% upfront so that we can process the shipment as soon as possible. Pay multiple times will add extra cost to the transaction.

For large machines, the term is 50% before machine production, 50% before shipment. Please note that we don’t send the packaging machines to seaport until 100% payment is cleared.

Shipment terms

We usually do FOB, CFR, CIF terms. If you need Door to Door shipping, please tell us so we can check out the possibilities and cost.

Installation, usage and maintenance

We will provide PDF file of user manual that indicates how to install, use and maintain the packaging machines. If you still have issues, we will provide video tutorial.

We are trying to expand our partners for after-sale service, if you are experienced packaging machine engineer and interested in becoming our partner, please contact us for details.


We offer 1 year warranty for our machines, for the core parts, including vacuum pump, PLC.

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