Agricultural produces packaging solutions and packging machines

We supply professional and dependable packaging solutions and packaging machines for various agricultural produces and deep-processed byproducts, including fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen and dried vegetables and fruits, pickles, rices, beans, salad, nuts, VF vacuum fried vegetable fruit crips and chips, fresh cut fruits, fresh cut vegetables, preserved fruit, sauces and ketchup, etc.

Thanks to our wide range of agricultural produces packaging machines that are totally customizable according to product dimension, weight and condition, we provide agricultural produces packaging solutions cover up to 6 packaging types, including vacuum packaging, MAP modified atmosphere packagingshrink wrapping, HFFS flow wrapping, VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging, cling film wrapping, etc. If you’d like to know packaging solutions for your agricultural produces that are not in the below list, please contact us.

Cling film wrapping

Cling film wrapping is a very commonly used packaging method for agricultural produces, including various vegetables, fruits, and other produces. Cling film wrapping helps to retain the moisture and nutrition to prolong the freshness of produces, and protect the vegetables and fruits from possible external injuries, during the transportation and retailing process.

Eggplant in tray cling film wrapping machine
Fresh corn cobs cling film wrapping machine
fruit lemon wrapping machine
Cabbage cling film wrapping machine
fresh cut fruit wrapping packaging machine

MAP modified atmosphere packaging Tray sealing

Modified atmosphere packaging prolong shelf-life of fresh vegetales and fruits by changing the atmosphere inside the packages, usually with gas composition of lower levels of oxygen and increased levels of carbon dioxide. MAP packaging is meant to keep the original taste, texture and appearance of raw fruits and vegetables without having to process them by blanching, cooking, pickling, etc.

Sweet tomatoes modified atmosphere packaging machine tray sealer
Strawberry modified atmosphere packaging machine
Sweet cherries modified atmosphere packaging machine tray sealer
Carrots modified atmosphere packaging machine
Blueberry modified atmosphere packaging machine

Vacuum packaging

Most fresh vegetables and fruits can’t be vacuum packaged directly, because respiration and cellular activity are still active, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is produced, which can quickly lead to spoilage of fruits and vegetables. So before vacuum packaging, they need to be processed in certain methods, including washing, blanching, pickling, drying, freezing, etc.

fresh cut fruits and vegetables packaging machine
Sweet lotus root vacuum packaging machine
Sweet corn cobs vacuum packaging machine
Pickles vacuum packaging machine
Frozen durian pulps vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum skin packaging

Vacuum skin packaging prolong shelf life of food products while offers an attractive 3D appearance. Transparent skin pack film firmly locks the food products to the skin pack tray/cardboard enables vertical presentation of the packages. For agricultural produces, vacuum skin packaging is most commonly used for frozen durian.

Frozen durian vacuum skin packaging machine-premade trays

Automatic premade pouch sealing

Rotary premade pouch sealing machine is an automatic packaging machine for agricultural produces in premade pouches. With the help of semi-automatic or fully-automatic weighing and filling devices, the machine can pack various agricultural produces at high speed, including fresh vegetables and fruits, salads, vacuum fried fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, rice, beans, etc.

Chick peas packaging machine
Chopped walnuts packaging machine
Dried olives packaging machine
Celery packaging machine
banana chips packaging machine

HFFS flow wrapping packaging

HFFS flow wrapping machine quickly wraps agricultural produces for easy handling, with the optional function of nitrogen filling to prolong shelf life.

Cabbage flow wrapping machine
Apple in tray flow wrapping machine
Eggplant in tray flow wrapping machine
Peppers flow wrapping machine

VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging

VFFS vertical form fill seal machine packs agricultural produces in pouches formed by a roll of film. The machine combines automatic weighing filling devices to enable fully automatic packaging of various agricultural produces, including nuts, seeds, salads, rices, beans, sauces,

Salad packaging in VFFS vertical form fill seal machine
Sunflower seeds packaging machine
Salted peanuts packaging machine
Dry red dates packaging machine | VFFS vertical form fill seal machine
walnut packaging machine

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