Automatic Food Tray Wrapper Cling Film Wrapping Machine

Automatic food tray wrapper is a series of wrapping machine that wraps and packs food or non-food products in cling film. This series of wrapping machine is designed for packaging food products on trays or without trays, including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, poultry, sushi, cooked food, ready meals, etc, to retain freshness and presentation in supermarkets and food shops.

The automatic tray wrapping machine is called tray wrapper, but actually it’s also capable of wrapping products (vegetables and fruits) without trays, like cabbages, turnip, carrots, green pepper, cucumber, apples, peaches, etc.

LTW series of tray wrapper introduced by Yide Machinery and Package is a series of automatic tray wrapping machine using cling film with high efficiency, up to 15-35 packs/minute, 3-5 times faster compared to manual and semi-auto wrapping machines.
The machine is fully made of SUS304 stainless steel for best durability and food hygiene.
LTW food tray wrappers have the options to integrate with automatic weighing and labelling devices, automatic infeed and discharge conveying belts. Please read below information for details.

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automatic food tray wrapper
  • automatic food tray wrapper
  • automatic food tray wrapper

What is automatic food tray wrapper

Automatic food tray wrapper is a series of wrappping machines that automatically pack and wrap food products in trays or without trays with cling film. It’s designed to retain freshness and presentation of food products for a longer time.

Automatic tray wrapper applications

As ordinary manual or semi-auto cling film wrappers, automatic tray wrappers are widely used in packing and wrapping of food products in trays or without trays, including vegetables, frutis, agricultural products, cooked food, sushi, cheese, meat, fish and seafood, sandwich, etc.
Since this type of wrapping packaging doesn’t prolong shelf life of food products effectively, like vacuum packing, MAP packaging or skin packaging, cling film wrappers are usually used in supermarkets, food shops and farms that pack food products for retailing purpose in short time.

vegetables packaging wrapping machine

Vegetables with/without tray

fruits wrapper machine

Fruits with/without tray

vegetables packaging wrapping machine

Poultry and meat with/without tray

ready meals cling film wrapping machine

Ready meals with/without tray

Automatic food tray wrapper machine specifications

Lander Machiney and Package has introduced 2 types of automatic tray wrappers with different capacity and functions that suits various usage scenarios.

Vertical automatic food tray wrapper LTW500

automatic food tray wrapper LTW500

Automatic tray wrapper LTW500 is automatic tray wrapping machine for medium packing capacity requirement. Compared to table top tray wrapper LTW450, the LTW500 stands on the ground for convenient operation.
LTW500A has the function of automatic weighing and labelling, the labels are automatic printed, but need operator to stick to the package manually, watch video below for details;


Model No.LTW500 (A)
DimensionL 900*W 800*H 1400 mm
Weight210 KG
Power supplyHousehold (customize)
Power consumption1.8KW
Packing speed15 packs/minute
Package length80-350 mm
Package width80-270 mm
Package height10-170 mm
Package weight100-3000 grams
Film roll diameter Max.160 mm
Film width300-500 mm
Touch screen10.2 inches TFT
PriceAbout USD15000, FOB price

LTW500 video

Fully automatic tray wrapper line LTW550

automatic food wrapper machine
automatic food wrapper machine

Fully automatic tray wrapper line LTW550 integrates a tray wrapping machine with conveying belts, automatic weighing/labelling machine (optional), and metal detector if necessary. It’s also available to integrate to extra devices like rotary table, automatic cartoning machines, etc.


Model No.LTW550
DimensionL3200 * W 1020 * H 1400 mm (including conveying belts in front of the tray wrapper)
WeightAbout 280 kg (the tray wrapper only)
Total power1.4 KW
Package length120-350 mm
Package width95-220 mm
Package height10-130 mm
Package weight50-4500 grams
Tray heightMaximum 50mm
Packing speed20-25 packs/minute
Packing film width350-550 mm
Touch screen10.2 inches TFT
PriceWrapper machine and automatic weighing-labelling machine, total about USD45000, FOB price
  • automatic tray wrapper packaging line
  • automatic tray wrapper packaging line

The automatic weighing-labelling machine can print label content includes: Production date and time, product name, gross weight, net weight, unit price, total price, 1-D barcode, QR code


Cling film food plastic wrapper machine

LTW550 video

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