Bakery and ready meals packaging solutions and packging machines

This section contains packaging machines and packaging solutions for bakery, ready meals and any other food products, including pizza, bread, sandwiches, cakes, mooncakes, biscuit, pasta, noodles, cookies, sushi, chocolate, seasonings, etc, and food products and are not easy to cassified to the other food categories.

With the support of our profesisonal and customizable packaging machines, you are allowed to pack your bakery, ready meals and other food products of almost any size, weight and condition, for convenient storage and transportation, and most importantly, for an expected longer shelf life. We provide packaging solutions and packaging machines for vacuum packaging, MAP modified atmosphere packaging, VSP vacuum skin pacakgingshrink wrapping, HFFS flow wrapping, VFFS vertical form fill seal, etc. If you’d like to know packaging solutions for your products that are not in the below list, please contact us.

MAP modified atmosphere packaging Tray sealing

For modified atmosphere packaging of bakery bread products in rigid trays or flexible plastic packages. Also includes rigid tray sealing without MAP packaging.

Bakery bread modified atmosphere packaging machine
Biscuit thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine
thermoforming packaging machine
Fresh pasta modified atmosphere packaging machine
Butter jam thermoforming tray sealing machine

Vacuum packaging

Inluding vacuum packaging and vacuum skin packaging of ready meals and other food products in flexible plastic packages and rigid trays.

Ready to cook meals vacuum packaging machine
Ready to eat meals vacuum skin packaging machine
Pizza thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
High-energy bar vacuum packaging machine
Hotpot flavors thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Automatic premade pouch sealing

For packaging of bakery, bread and ready meals in premade pouches.

Army self-heating rice meal packaging machine
doypack stand up pouches
Dinner rolls packaging machine
Dry pasta packaging machine
Prepacked chewing gum packaging in premade pouch

Cling film wrapping

Fresh sushi cling film packaging machine
Croissant packaging machine cling film wrapping

HFFS flow wrapping packaging

Self-heating rice flow shrink wrapping machine
Muffins flow wrapping machine with gas filling
Hamburger buns flow wrapping machine
Sandwich in paper box flow wrapping machine
Wheat tortillas flow wrapping machine with gas filling

VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging

biscuit packaging machine
Pasta packaging machine VFFS form fill seal machine
Frozen dumpling packaging machine VFFS form fill seal machine
Sandwich cookies packaging machine VFFS form fill seal machine
Chocolate brownie packaging machine VFFS form fill seal machine

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Bakery, ready meals and other food products
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