Cheese packaging machines overview

We offer full range of packaging machines for the many types of cheeses – hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, fresh cheese, soft cheese, and cheese made products (cheese portions, cheese balls). The packaging solutions include vacuum packaging, VSP vacuum skin packaging, MAP modified atmosphere packaging, cling film wrapping, and HFFS flow wrapping. If you have related requirements for cheese packaging machines, please feel free to contact us.

About cheeses

Cheese is a versatile and popular dairy product that is enjoyed by people all over the world. Cheese is made from the curdled milk of various animals, such as cows, goats, and sheep. With a wide variety of flavors, textures, and types available, cheese is used in a multitude of dishes and can be enjoyed on its own as well. Cheese is a great source of vitamins A and D that are essential for human health, by help to improve the absorption of calcium and maintain strong bones. In year 2022, over 22 million metric tons of cheeses are consumed around the world.

cheese packaging machine vacuum

The importance of cheese packaging

Cheese packaging is a crucial aspect of preserving the quality and freshness of this popular dairy product. With the increasing demand for cheese and its numerous health benefits, the cheese industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. To meet the market demand and ensure optimal preservation, it is essential to utilize efficient cheese packaging machines. These machines provide various packaging options that help maintain the flavor, texture, and aroma of cheese while prolonging its shelf life. Choosing the right cheese packaging machine is vital to ensure the product’s quality and appeal to consumers.

  • Cheese packaging can keep the flavor, aroma, consistency and texture of cheese products for longer time
  • Cheese packaging can prolong the shelf life of cheese, reduce food waste
  • Cheese packaging helps to expand sales region by facilitate transportation and storage
  • Cheese packaging is helpful for brand building

Cheese vacuum packaging machines – Chamber vacuum sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers are easy to use, compatible with almost any types and sizes of cheese. For cheese companies, it is always necessary and helpful to have a cheese chamber vacuum packaging machine. Cheese chamber vacuum sealing machines are able to vacuum pack bulk cheese block, cheese portions, cheese wedges, shredded cheese, etc. This category of cheese packaging machine requires the use of premade vacuum bags.

Cheese vacuum packaging machines – Thermoformer

Cheese thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is a fully automatic cheese vacuum packaging solution. The machine can pack cheese of different sizes and weight. However, thermoforming packaging machine requires different molds for different sizes of packages, so the cost is higher than chamber vacuum sealers.

cheese thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
thermoforming cheese vacuum packaging machine
cheese vacuum packaging machine thermoformer
cheddar cheese vacuum packaging machine
cheese automatic vacuum packaging machine
gouda cheese vacuum packaging machine thermoformer

Cheese vacuum shrink packaging line

Cheese vacuum shrink packaging line is a combination of vacuum packaging machine and hot water shrink dip tank/ tunnel. The line can be fully automatic, or semi-automatic.

cheese vacuum shrink packaging line
cheese vacuum packaging machine and hot water shrink packaging machine
cheese wedge vacuum shrink packaging machines
cheese vacuum shrink pack
cheese vacuum packaging machine hot water shrink packaging machine

Cheese wrapping machine for short storage time

For fast sale cheese portions and cheese wedges, cling film wrapping is a low-cost solution. This type of packaging can’t prolong the shelf life of cheeses, but forfst-sale cheese products, it is helpful to keep cheese clean, and easy to carry.

cheese wrapping machine

Cheese vacuum skin packaging machine

Cheese vacuum skin packaging offers a more attractive appearance, and longer shelf life of cheese wedges.

cheese vacuum skin packaging machine

The cheese packaging machine can provide suitable packaging methods for cheese, extend the shelf life of cheese, and facilitate the production, storage, transportation, wholesale and retail of cheese. The cheese industry should choose a suitable cheese packaging machine based on various considerations such as cheese size, shelf life requirements, and display requirements.

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