Durian packaging machine overview

Durian is a tropical fruit grown in South Asia countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, and this fruit is welcomed by consumers all over the world. Based on the requirements for durian delivery and longer shelf life, we are providing full series of durian packaging machines, for both whole frozen durians and frozen durian pulps.

frozen durian packaging machine

Whole frozen durian packaging machines

As we all know, Malaysian durian is not allowed to be harvested until it’s at 100% maturity and full ripening stage where the taste and quality profile is at its best. Because of this, the shelf life of Malaysian fresh durian is literally very short (5-7 days), which makes it’s export almost impossible. Fortunately, this issue can be solved by using cryogenic nitrogen freezing technology.

whole frozne durian vacuum packaging machine

The whole fresh durian can be put into the IQF liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer with temperature at -80 to -100 Celsius (or lower temperature), and then the frozen durian can be stored at -18 Celsius for shelf life up to 18 months, keeping the original fresshness, flavor, taste, golden flesh color and texture. After the consumers purchase the frozen whole durians, they can be easily defrosted and ready for eat after 6 hours placing in room temperature.

Instant freezing of whole frozen durian enables easy export to countries all over the world. This technology is now mostly taken by durian exporters in Malaysia and Indonesia, and they are doing even further and better. Besides instant freezing, vacuum packaging is another technology they use.

Generally, the process is:

  1. Put the whole frozen durian to plastic shell or hard-paper shell
  2. Put them to plastic vacuum bags
  3. Vacuum and seal the bag with vacuum packaging machine
whole frozen durian vacuum packaging machine

In most cases, the whole frozen durians are vacuum packed by single chamber vacuum packaging machine or double chabmer vacuum packaging machine, because they can have deep cavity and dome shape chamber cover, which allows big packages for whole durians of different sizes. The method to vacuum pack whoel frozen durian with pre-made vacuum bags is a lower cost packaging solution, which costs from 1000 US dollars to around 8000 US dollars.

Whole frozen durian vacuum packaging machine

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine for whole frozen durian

Besides the semi-automatic vacuum packaging machines that can be used for whole frozen durian, People are now starting to use automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, which offers more possibilities for the packaging of durians, more convenience, however, the machine cost is much higher, could be around USD50000.

frozen durian vacuum packaging machine

Frozen durian pulps packaging machines

For frozen durian pulps, there are 2 basic packaging types:

  1. Vacuum packaging
  2. VSP vacuum skin packaging

Frozen durian pulps vacuum packaging machine

1. IVP individual vacuum packaging of frozen durian pulps, 1 PC of frozen durian pulp per pack.

Frozen durian pulps vacuum packaging machine

This packaging is made by thermoforming packaging machine, an automatic vacuum packaging machine that offers fast packaging speed for frozen durian pulps.

thermoforming packaging machine

2. Vacuum packaging of multiple frozen durian pulps in 1 vacuum bag

frozen durian vacuum packaging machine

This packaging type is made by double chamber vacuum packaging machine, which can also do vacuum packaging of whole frozen durian.

double chamber vacuum packaging machine

Frozen durian vacuum skin packaging machine

Vacuum skin packaging not only prolong shelf life of durian, but also offers attractive 3D appearance which consumers absolutely love, that’s why this packaging type is now becoming so popular. Usually the plastic tray is sealed by a layer of plastic after vacuum skin packaging. Please check the below video for reference: vacuum skin packaging machine and tray sealer machine.

Frozen durian vacuum skin packaging machine-premade trays
YouTube video

How much does a durian packaging machine cost

As we can see from above contents, there are different packaging types for durian, and thus different packaging machines, and the cost of the durian packaging machines are very different. To get an exact quotation of durian packaging machine, please kindly contact us by the below contact form, with your requirements.

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Durian packaging machine overview
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