New tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine LSP350 with touch screen

Tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine LSP350 from Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltdperfectly solve the pain point of skin packaging starters and small capacity production requirements of small food business owners, so this small compact-designed skin pack machine is receiving a lot of credits from customers of supermarkets, grocery stores and food shops.

tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine
tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine
vacuum skin packaging machine

Besides the end-users who love to use this vacuum skin packaging machine to package their food products for an attractive 3D appearance which results in more sales, LSP350 vacuum skin pack machine is also very welcomed by packaging machine and food machine dealers/distributors all over the world, because with this machine, they can provide more diversify and affordable skin pack solutions to their customers who’d like to add vacuum skin packaging into their packaging strategies.

Thanks to the kindness of our loyal customers, who keep providing us feedbacks, comments and advices about this tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine, we have now introduced an updated version of LSP350 with touch screen for easier control, and better-looking appearances.

This new updated skin pack machine shares the same function and specification data of LSP350 tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine, so we still use the same model number as LSP350, if you’d like to buy this touch screen version of skin pack machine, please do specify ‘touch screen’  so we won’t make a mistake for delivery.

However there are still 2 differences between original “Relay Control” LSP350 and updated Touch Screen version tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine:

  1. The time/temperature setup is operated by the touch screen for the updated skin pack machine. We will send new User Manual for customers who puchase this touch screen table top vacuum skin packaging machine LSP350.
  2. The touch screen version skin pack machine costs a bit higher than Relay Control machine. Please check the product page for price details.

Check out the video of the Touch Screen Tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine

YouTube video

For our tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine, one of the frequently asked questions from customers is: Can you customize the specifications of the skin pack machine itself (not the mold)?

The answer is we can, but currently we don’t accept customization orders, except the quantity is above 10 sets. Because as we all know, mass production in large quantites can actually reduce cost, while on the contrary, customization raises the cost.

In order to provide customers with standard high-quality skin pack machine at affordable price, we currently only supply the standard model LSP350 with fixed specifications, including the machine size and machine functions.

But still, for dealers and distributors of our tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine, we can put your logo on the machine, and in the PLC (if you choose the touch screen version).

So dear all, no matter  you are in food business or packaging machine distributing business, don’t hesitate to try  this nice tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine. Fill out the contact form below, tell us your requirements. We are ready to help!

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New tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine LSP350 with touch screen
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