Belt Type Continuous Vacuum Packing Machine for Food Product|Meat|Seafood|Fish|Fruits|Cheese Package

The belt-type continuous vacuum packing machine is a type of chamber vacuum sealer that uses a belt to convey packages into and out of the chamber. This type of vacuum packaging machine features high capacity and more convenient operation, which makes it an effective tool in vacuum packing food and non-food products. The belt-type continuous vacuum packing machine is widely used in vacuum packaging of meat products: beef, pork, sausages, hams, cured meat, venison meats, etc; Seafood and fish products; Salted, pickled, and dried vegetables and fruits; Farm products, corn cobs, Arabian dates, dried products; Cheese; Medical gauzes, protective clothes. etc.

Sealing bar length: 1000/1100 mm

Sealing bar quantity: 1 sealing bar for large packages with lengths up to 45cm, 2 sealing bar machines for smaller packages with lengths around 20cm

Vacuum pump: BUSCH vacuum pump, or China brand vacuum pump. 100 or 200 m³/hour

SUS304 stainless steel

The working plate angle is adjustable which is convenient for packing products with more liquid

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