Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine|Vacuum Packing Machine for Meat|Poultry|Seafood|Fish|Cheese

The double chamber vacuum packaging machine has one vacuum chamber lid that swings from one side to another to complete the vacuum sealing process alternatively at both sides of the machine. LDZ series double chamber vacuum packaging machine is very commonly used for vacuum packaging of any products (except powder products) in plastic and aluminum foil pouches. Lander Machinery and Package provides flexibly designed double chamber vacuum packaging machines that meet your unique needs. Sealing bar length from 400 mm to 900mm; Busch vacuum pump and China brand vacuum pump; Various vacuum pump capacity of 20m³, 40m³, 100m³, 160m³, 200m³. Heavy-duty double chamber vacuum packaging machine has automatic swing chamber cover to reduce operator’s burden.

Vacuum Packaging Machines and Hot Water Shrink Machine

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double chamber vacuum packaging machine
Vacuum Packaging Machine
vacuum packaging machine
rotary premade pouch vacuum packaging machine
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