Rollstock | Thermoforming packaging machine for vacuum packing | MAP packaging | Vacuum skin pack

Rollstock/ thermoforming packaging machine is a type of packaging equipment that uses 2 rolls of thermoforming film as bottom forming film, and top sealing film. Thermoforming packaging machines can do vacuum packaging in flexible film, MAP modified atmosphere packaging in rigid film, and VSP vacuum skin pack film in special skin pack films. Bottom forming film automatically form the containers by vacuum and heating process. According to the specification of the bottom film, the formed containers can be flexible or rigid. And then products are loaded to the containers manually or automatically, at the loading area. After the products are well loaded, the top sealing film cover the containers, vacuum and seal processes are completed in the vacuum sealing chamber. The next step is inkjet printing, to print date information, batch number,etc, to the package, The last step is the cutting process. The packages are well cut into individual pieces by cutting knives.

Thermoforming packaging machine

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
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