Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine | skin pack machine

Thermoforming packaging machine for VSP vacuum skin pack, Compared to ordinary vacuum skin packaging machine that use pre-made trays, thermoforming VSP machine uses rigid bottom film to form the skin pack trays automatically. In vacuum skin pack, the upper film clinging to the products is like the second “skin” of the product. It holds the products tightly, while free from tension, avoids the loss of fluid inside to make the package clean and appealing. With refrigeration, it maximizes the freshness of the products and works effectively for stores, supermarkets and hotels. Lander Machinery and Package offers customized vacuum skin packing services for different products, sizes designs, capacity requirements, etc. to meet the demands of its valuable customers to maximize the efficiency of the packaging machines for buyers.

Thermoforming packaging machine

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
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