Vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760 for meat beef vacuum skin packaging on plastic trays

Semi-automatic VSP vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760 series is one of the most recommend skin packaging machine by Lander Machinery. Although user has to cut the trim manually by a knife, you can expedite the packaging speed by using 2 molds alternatively. With LSP760, there is no limitation in the skin pack trays or cardboards sizes and shapes. You can even easily skin pack products of different shapes and sizes in the same cycle. A simple mold will be provided for convenient film trim cutting. Unlike this type of skin packaging machines from other suppliers, Lander Machinery has updated it to eliminate the using of air compressor, which helps you to save more space, and cost on air compressors. For details, please visit:

Manual type vacuum skin packaging machine larger version LSP760
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VSP Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines

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tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine
vacuum skin packaging machine
vacuum skin packaging machine
automatic inline vacuum skin packaging machine

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