Vertical type vacuum skin packaging machine for meat beef seafood and fish salmon fillet durian

Vertical type VSP vacuum skin packaging machine LSP450 is a skin pack equipment with automatic film trim function for more convenient operation. Operator doesn’t have to cut the film manually like LSP350 and LSP760 skin pack machines. The mold slides in/out of the vacuum chamber automatically by simply press the button nearby, requires minimum labor cost. The machine is ideal for small to medium capacity requirements of supermarkets, food processing factories – Seafood, meat, cheese, etc. Features: Mold is customized according to customer’s tray size and shape Easy operation by PLC and touch screen Automatic sealing film trim for enhanced packing efficiency Made of SUS304 stainless steel for best durability and food hygiene

VSP Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines

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tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine
vacuum skin packaging machine
vacuum skin packaging machine
automatic inline vacuum skin packaging machine

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