VSP vacuum skin pack trays and film

VSP vacuum skin pack trays and films are designed to extend the shelf life of the packaged product. The skin pack trays are ideal for packing meat produce, seafood and poultry products. Skin packaging is a great alternative to standard modified atmosphere packaging (MAP, food vacuum packaging), as it retains flavour and freshness of its product for a longer period of time. The skin packaging film covers the product tightly acts as a second skin and prevents leaking. Vacuum skin packaging food products improves visual appearance making the product more appealing to consumers.

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VSP vacuum skin pack trays

Skin pack trays are the plastic trays used for purpose of vacuum skin packaging. According to your product’s specifications, we can customize the skin pack trays of various length, width and depth. All the skin pack trays are very well compatible with our vacuum skin packaging machines. We recommend customers to use regular size skin pack trays that are in stock and ready for shipment.

ProductSkin pack trays
MaterialFood grade PP
Regular size 1200*130*20 mm
Regular size 2230*160*20 mm
Regular size 3240*170*20 mm
Regular size 4270*170*20 mm
Regular size 5260*190*25 mm
Regular size 6260*180*13 mm
Regular size 7325*225*20 mm
Regular size 8400*180*15 mm
Regular size 9200*140*40 mm
Regular size 10240*150*30 mm

vacuum skin pack
VSP vacuum skin pack trays and film
VSP vacuum skin pack trays and film

VSP skin pack films

Skin pack film is the sealing film for vacuum skin pack in plastic trays and paper board. Skin pack film features ultra soft, high transparency, high barrier property, penetration resistance. Skin pack film width and thickness is customized according to product specifications and vacuum skin pack machine requirements.

vacuum skin packaging
skin pack film

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VSP vacuum skin pack trays and film
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