automatic air blower drying machine

Air blower drying machine is an automatic drying line with several sets of air blower on top of the machine to blow the products continuously. The drying machine is usually connected to cleaning machine (such as air bubble washer) to dry the cleaned vegetables and fruits,or pasteurization machine to dry the flexible plastic packages after sterilization.

automatic drying machine for sterilized packages
automatic drying machine for vegetables
sterilized plastic packages drying machine

What is air blower drying machine

Air blower drying machine is an inline type of drying equipment with several sets of air blower on top of the machine to blow the products continuously. The water on the products are blowed off the products. The blower uses natural temperature air to keep the products’ and packages’ natural status, color and flavor.

The conveyor belt is set to several stages according to the total length, so when products move from one stage to another, they will automatically flip over to another side to make sure every corner of the products/packages is exposed to the blowers.

air blower drying machine

What does air blower drying machine do

The air blower drying machine is designed for automatic drying of vegetables/fruits, and packages after sterilization.

1. For drying of vegetables and fruits products. The drying machine can be connected after an air bubble washer (for cleaning of vegetables and fruits), to dry the vegetables, fruits, vegetable cuts, fruit cuts, etc.

Air blower drying machine and air bubble washer
Air blower drying machine connected after air bubble washer

2. For drying of sterilized packages. After the packages are sterilized in the pasteurization machine, they will be conveyed to cooling line and washing line, then air blow drying line to make the packages dry before pack into cartons for storage and delivery.

Air blower drying machine specifications

The air blower drying machine is available to customize according to customer’s request, including machine length, mesh belt width, blower quantity.

Product nameAir blower drying machine
MaterialFood grade SUS304 stainless steel
Machine lengthCustomize
Mesh belt widthCustomize
Blower quantityCustomize
Blower power0.75 KW/set
Electricity380V, 50HZ, 3Phase, or customize
delivery of an air blower drying machine with 32 PCs blowers

Machine features

  1. The air blower drying machine is fully made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel for longest service life and completely inline with food hygiene standards
  2. For flexible packages, the conveyor belt is usually made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the width is customizable according to request, usually 1 meter.
  3. The machine length is customizable as per customer’s requirements
  4. The motor of the mesh belt is frequency adjustable, so the time of blanching/cooking/pasteurization can be adjusted by changing the belt speed
  5. The distance between each set of blowers is 1 meter. The height of blower and blowing direction is adjustable.
  6. The mesh belt is designed to stairs type, so the products/packages flip over automatically to expose every sides to the air blowers, make sure of thorough drying.

Video for drying of vacuum packages after sterilization

YouTube video

Video for drying of vegetables

YouTube video

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Air blower drying machine
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