Vacuum Fryer Machine

vacuum fryer

A vacuum fryer machine is designed to fry a variety of food products to a crisp state while keep their vibrant color. Vacuum frying technology fry food at lower temperature than regular frying methods, usually less than 120 °C.

Vacuum fryer can be used for frying of many food products, including vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and poultry products. Vacuum frying frys and dehydrates food at low temperature (80-120 °C), which can effectively inhibit the loss of food nutrients which commonly occurs with food cooked or fried at high-temperature. Vacuum fryer maintains the color, nutrition and flavor of food. Vacuum frying also reduces the oil content of food to 15% and below.

Vacuum fryer machine specifications

Model No.FVF14FVF86FVF255FVF430FVF630
Size of basketΦ300*200Φ500*440Φ760*560Φ960*600Φ1200*560
Vacuum degree (MPa)-0.092~-0.098-0.092~-0.098-0.092~-0.098-0.092~-0.098-0.092~-0.098
Frying temperature80℃~120℃80℃~120℃80℃~120℃80℃~120℃80℃~120℃
Vacuum pump power5.5KW11/7.5KW11KW14/11KW19/15KW
Heating methodElectric heating / steam heatingsteam heatingsteam heatingsteam heatingsteam heating
Capacity (fresh fries for example)5-6 KGs/batch30-50 KGs/batch80-100 KGs/batch180-200 KGs/batch260-300 KGs/batch
Total power31KW/18.2KW21KW/14KW21KW/14KW25KW/18KW28KW/22KW
Machine dimension1600*2000*2000mm2300*2100*2600 mm3000*3000*3090mm3400*3400*3230mm3930*3670*3720 mm
We reserve the right to change the machine apperances and specifications without prior notifications.
vacuum fryer machine
vacuum fryer machine
vacuum fryer machine

Vacuum fryer machine features

  1. The integrated design of heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration, and oil filtration is continuously completed under vacuum, the product has low oil content, and the product is in a negative pressure state. Food is processed under such relatively anoxic conditions. Processing can reduce or even avoid the harm caused by oxidation (such as fatty acid spoilage, enzymatic browning and other oxidative deterioration, etc.). In a negative pressure state, with oil as the heat transfer medium, the moisture (free water and partially bound water) inside the food will evaporate rapidly and be sprayed out, making the tissue form a loose and porous structure;
  2. Automatic control of temperature and pressure (vacuum degree), no overheating, no overpressure, to ensure product quality and safe production;
  3. Frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted for deoiling, which is suitable for all products with low oil content and high oil content;
  4. The oil-water separation system can cool and separate the evaporated water and oil, reduce the pollution of the water cycle, improve the repeated use rate of water, and reduce the loss of oil;
  5. Oil filtration system: upper and lower oil tanks, double-chamber heating system, separate heating control, circulating oil filtration during frying, keeping the oil clean and reducing oil waste;
  6. The vacuum fryer is made of stainless steel material, which has the characteristics of high work efficiency, stable performance, and convenient installation and use.

Vacuum fryer machine applications

Vacuum frying is used to fry a variety of food products, including:

  1. Fruits: such as apples, kiwi, pineapples, jujubes, strawberries, bananas, jackfruit, etc.
  2. Vegetables: such as carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms, wax gourds, okra, pumpkins, etc.
  3. Carnivorous food: such as beef, fish fillets, shrimp, octopus, etc.
  4. Dried fruits: green beans, broad beans, etc.
vacuum frying machine


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Vacuum fryer machine
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