Horizontal flow wrapper HFFS flow pack machine

3 servo HFFS horizontal flow wrapper pillow packaging machine is a type of 3 side sealing machine for pillow type packages. HFFS horizontal flow wrappers can pack a wide range of products using almost any heat sealable or cold-seal wrapping material. Film types include: polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane or foil.

horizontal flow wrapping machine

Our flow wrapping machine LFL series are the preferred choice for everyone from small start-ups to large companies with higher speed wrapping requirements. Flow wrappers are used to wrap items such as vegetables and fruits, hardware, candy bars, ice cream bars, brownies, popsicles, cookies, muffins, masks, and even medical devices and industrial parts.

With the feature of incredible versatility, flow wrappers have become a ubiquitous packaging tool that are used in so many business fields around the world. Since the flow wrapping machines can be configured for versatile applications, they have become the mainstay of countless packaging lines. From the small candy bars to bigger size metal pipes, these packaging machines create attractive, protective packaging for everything in the world.
Horizontal flow wrappers perform three individual tasks in one fluid and continuous operation. From a roll of material, they form bags that wraps around the products, seal the bag on three sides and discharge the finished package. The packages are highly protective, consistent in size and shape, and visually attractive. The packing speed can be ultra fast with proper configuration.

Our flow pack machine and flow wrapper packaging machines can be customized to match each customer’s specific needs, and deliver maximum production flexibility and efficiency at each performance level. Every model is available in different versions with a large range of options for the packaging of food and non-food products. We can offer flow wrap packaging solutions from 60 ppm to 1200 ppm (Packs per minute), from manual load to fully automated packaging solutions.

Flow wrapper 2 main types

There are 2 main types of flow pack machine, we can easily tell the difference by wrapping film infeed direction. Basicallly, there are no fundamental differences between the 2 types, but still the performance are different when handling various products with different features.

Ordinary Flow wrappers

horizontal flow wrapper

Ordinary flow wrapper is the type of flow pack machine that the packing film is fed from upper of the machine, and wrap the products from top to bottom direction.

This type of flow pack machine is commonly used for normal products with regular shapes, light-weight, no-deformation, non-sticky, such as candies, breads, fruits, biscuits, products in trays, etc.

Inverted flow wrappers

HFFS horizontal flow wrapper

Inverted flow wrapper is another type of flow pack machine that the packing film is fed from bottom of the machine, and wrap the products from bottom to top direction.
Inverted flow wrappers are designed for hard to handle products that cannot be ordinarily handled on a conventional upright wrapper, products with irregular shape, too soft products, high-weight products, sticky products, etc, including hardware, air fresheners, catheters, coffee filters, and licorice.


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Rotary motion sealing and box motion sealing

Sealing system is another main difference in flow wrappers, commonly there are 2 types of sealing system: rotary motion seaing and box motion sealing.
Rotary motion sealing is optimized for high speed flow pack, and for smaller products. In packaging of candies, the speed can be up to 1200 packs/minute.
Box motion sealing system provids longer sealing time. Due to the additional dwell time they can seal thicker wrapping materials, giving the product a higher quality seal. They are better suited for taller products, heavy products and for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), as they can provide airtight seals. With box motion sealing, the packing speed is slower.

HFFS Flow Wrapper Machine Specifications

Model No.LFL250LFL350LFL450LFL600LFL800Customize
Package length (mm)No limitNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limitCustomize
Package width Max.(mm)110165215290390Customize
Packaging film width (mm)250350450600800Customize
Speed (Packs/minute)40-23040-23030-18030-15010-60Customize
Package height Max. (mm)7070120120150Customize
Machine weight (KG)440530730750950Customize

Horizontal flow wrapper options

  • Printer for date/lot coding
  • Thermal transfer printer for printing bar codes and variable product information
  • Infrared sensor to automatically pack various sizes products without pre-set
  • Gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging, extending product shelf-life
  • End seal with round hang hole or euro hang hole
  • Zig-zag end seal cut for easy opening of package
  • Bag hole punch to allow venting of film
  • Full stainless steel SUS304 construction
  • Cross-Feeding Conveyor for faster product loading
  • Delicate product conveyor
  • Automatic feeding conveyors
  • Round accumulation table
  • Fixed formers
  • Straight cut end seal
  • Straight cut end seal with tear slit or tear notch
  • Water cool ready transfer plates (for ice cream bars or temperature sensitive products)
  • Water chiller (for water cool transfer plates)

Packaging material

Lander flow wrappers can handle packaging films like:

  • High density polyethylene
  • Laminates
  • Metalized
  • Poly-coated paper
  • Polypropylene
  • Shrink films
  • Cold seal

HFFS horizontal flow wrapper features

  • PLC controlled with user friendly touch screen HMI
  • Memory storage of product/machine settings, up to 99 jobs
  • Self diagnosis function with error message
  • Three servo motors to independently control end seals, in-feed conveyor, and film drive
  • Registered film capability with precision photocell
  • Deluxe adjustable bag former for various product sizes
  • Speeds up to 350 packages per minute
  • Production speed is dependent on product, dosage, and packaging material
  • No product, no bag feature and soft jaw overload detection
  • Package length no limitation
  • Packaging products in different lengths at the same time with the help of infrared sensor
  • Self centering film roll holder
  • Automatic film roll tension control
  • Fin seal brushes to assist product transport and remove excess air from package
  • End seal brushes to assist transistion to discharge conveyor
  • Stainless steel machine frame and product contact areas
  • Belt discharge conveyor

Flow wrapper and shrink tunnel

In some cases, HFFS flow wrapper machine is connected with shrink tunnel to get shrink-wrap packages, the plastic film wrap the products tightly.


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Horizontal flow wrapper HFFS flow pack machine
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