Single chamber vacuum sealer

single chamber vacuum sealer machine

Single chamber vacuum sealer is an entry-level vacuum packing equipment for industrial-grade packaging projects at small scale.

LDZ series single chamber vacuum sealer is very commonly used for vacuum packaging of any products (except powder products) in plastic and aluminum foil pouches.

Yide Machinery and Package provides flexible designed single chamber vacuum sealers that meet your unique needs.

Single chamber vacuum sealer specifications and prices

Single chamber vacuum sealer, or single chamber vacuum packing machine, is a type of economical vacuum packing equipment for food shop or small food business owners with limited budget. Compared to double chamber vacuum packaging machine, single chamber vacuum sealer comes with lower packing capacity, but is more cost effective.

Model No.LDZ400/2LLDZ500/2LLDZ600/2L
Sealing bar length400 mm500 mm600 mm
Sealing bar Qty.1 or 2 PCs1 or 2 PCs1 or 2 PCs
Pouch Max. length350 mm380 mm420 mm
Machine dimension520*520*900 mm620*620*900 mm800*820*900 mm
Vacuum pump20 m3/h40 m3/h63m3/h
Unit Price (FOB, USD)800.001050.001800.00
single chamber vacuum sealer packaging machine


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Customize your single chamber vacuum sealer

The single chamber vacuum sealer is customizable, for packages that contain liquid and oil, or for big packages, such as whole durian, whole chicken, duck, goat legs, or even as big as a whole goat.

single chamber vacuum sealer packing machine

Single chamber vacuum sealer features

Yide Machinery and Package produce and deliver high-quality, cost-effective single chamber vacuum sealers to worldwide customers.

  1. The machines are made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, sustainable, hygienic, easy to clean.
  2. More affordable choices for small scale business, including food shop, small farms, small slaughter house
  3. Customer can customize the machine on your unique requirements
  4. Fast delivery. For standard models in stock, we can have them ready for shipment in 3-5 days. For customized models, lead time is 7-14 working days.
  5. Warranty: 1 year warranty for any machines, except the wearing spare parts, including silicone strips, heating wires. We recommend that you order some spare parts together with the machine.

LDZ series single chamber vacuum sealer is a typical type of chamber vacuum sealer and vacuum packaging machine, for vacuum and seal of vacuum pouches retort pouches with products inside, the purpose is to:

Why do you use stainless steel chamber cover on the single chamber vacuum sealers rather than transparent acrylic as the other suppliers do?

Yide Machinery and Package is an industrial-purpose-equipment oriented manufacturer and supplier. Our machines are designed and manufactured for industrial-grade food processing and packaging, which requires robust and accurate output.

Stainless steel chamber cover is not as good looking as the acrylic chamber cover, but it’s robuster, provides better vacuum quality, and more sustainable, no deformation after long time use. If you are running a long-term business, do get a vacuum sealer made of SUS304 stainless steel rather than other material.

Single chamber vacuum sealer applications

  1. Prolong the shelf life of food products,including meat products, sausages, beef, pork, venision, poultry products, aquatic products, seafood and fishes, vegetables and fruits, cheese products, pet food, etc.
  2. The machine is also ideal equipment for vacuum packing of non-food products, such as medical instruments, laboratory equipment, auto-parts, high precision machine parts, etc, to provide safe, dry, hygienic, anti-rust storage environement for these products.
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Single chamber vacuum sealer
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