Vertical brush-roller washing cleaning machine for vegetables, fruits, mussels

brush roller washing machine for vegetables and fish

The brush roller washing machine is designed for washing & peeling various root vegetables, stem vegetables, and fruits, and for washing and cleaning shell seafood products (fish, scallops, etc).

The washing machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel for the longest service life and in line with food hygiene regulations. The waterproof machine allows water-spray cleaning without hassles.

The vertical brush-roller washing machine can work independently as a washing machine or integrate into a food processing line to wash the products thoroughly.

What is a Vertical Brush-Roller Washing Machine

Vertical brush-roller washing machine is a widely used washing & cleaning equipment for agricultural produces and aquatic products. There are 8/9 PCs of brush rollers installed inside the machine chamber. The brush rollers are electrically driven to rotate continuously to keep brushing the surface of the food products inside the chamber to remove the mud or product peels. A water pipe and spray nozzles are installed above the chamber to automatically flush out the mud/product peels to the bottom of the machine simultaneously.

vegetable washing machine

Vertical brush-roller washing machine specifications

We offer the possibility to customize the brush-roller washing machine as per your requirements. The specifications of the standard models are as below. If you need any smaller or larger size washing machine, please contact us.

Model No.Capacity (KGs/H)ElectricityPower (KW)Machine size (mm)Machine weight (KGs)
VBR800800380v/50hz/3phase, or customize1.11600*730*840260
VBR12001200380v/50hz/3phase, or customize1.52120*840*900320
VBR15001500380v/50hz/3phase, or customize2.22400*840*900380
VBR18001800380v/50hz/3phase, or customize32550*840*900400
VBR20002000380v/50hz/3phase, or customize32900*910*900460
VBR30003000380v/50hz/3phase, or customize42950*950*860560
brush roller washing machine for vegetables potatoes
vegetable washing cleaning machine
brush washing machine for vegetables potatoes
brush roller washing machine

Brush-roller washing machine structure and features

vegetable washing machine
  1. The vertical brush-roller washing machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, long-lasting, no corrosion, water-proof.
  2. Brush rollers are the main tool that contact the food directly. The machine contains 8/9 Pcs brush rollers. The brush hairs are strictly made of food-grade material. Hard and soft brush hair options are available for different products. Various brush types are available for various products. Easy to remove and replaceable brush rollers.
  3. Can customize the quantity of the brush rollers.
  4. Water pipe and spray nozzles, connect to clean running water, enable automatic flush-away of mud and peels, and efficiently accelerate the washing/peeling process.
  5. Stainless steel filter to isolate waste material and water, prevent draining stuck.
  6. Manual handle to control the outlet cover of the finished products.
  7. Moving wheels with brake, for convenient moving of the washing machine.
  8. Simple to use ON/OFF switch. The direction switch controls the rotation direction of the brush rollers, enables the brush rollers to rotate reversely to output the finished products.

Vegetable washing machine applications

The washing machine is compatible with various brush rollers, and the brush hairs also have options for rigid type and soft (for delicate products) type. A wide range of food products can be effectively washed, cleaned, and peeled by the machine.

vegetable washing machine
  1. Root vegetables: Potatoes, lotus roots, carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, yams, gingers, onions, etc.
  2. Other agricultural products and vegetables like peanuts, beans, white gourds, pumpkins, raw herbal materials
  3. Fruits: Apples, oranges, dates
  4. Clean and remove hair of pig feet, chicken pawns, something alike
  5. Fish, scallops, oysters, etc

Roller type vegetable washing machine video

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Brush-roller washing machine with rotating auger 

The ordinary brush-roller washing machine is an excellent washing equipment for many food products, however, it still requires manual operation to open the outlet cover to release the washed/cleaned/peeled products. Not so convenient if we want a fully automatic processing line. To address this issue, Yide Machinery has introduced a new version of the brush-roller washing machine, which contains a rotating auger that automatically conveys finished products to the next step.

vegetable automatic washing machine

The auger is made of SUS304 stainless steel, to make sure food safety, and durable service life. The rotating speed of the auger can be adjusted to make sure the products inside the chamber are thoroughly washed/cleaned/peeled as expected.

The auger gently pushes the products to gradually move forward to the outlet opening until the conveying belt to the next step. No more manual operation, more convenient, faster and save labor cost. The rotating auger enables the washing machine to be connected to an automatic processing line.

Please check the below video to see how the rotating auger works.

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Vertical Brush-Roller Washing Cleaning Machine for vegetables and fruits
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