Automatic sausage double clipper

auotmatic sausage double clipper

Automatic sausage double clipper is a device to close natural or artificial casing sausages with aluminum clips at high speed up to 50 clips per minute, cut into individual sausages or 2-9 Pcs continuous links. Automatic sausage double clipper usually connects with pneumatic sausage stuffer as a whole automatic sausage stuffing-clipping line.


Model No.SDC50
Sausage diameter35-120 mm
Aluminum wire diameter2.1-2.9 mm
SpeedUp to 50 times per minute
Compressed air0.6-0.7 MPa
Average air consumption0.8 m3/hour
Power supplySingle phase, 220V, 50Hz, can customize
Total power1 KW
Machine dimensionAbout 620*960*1400 mm
Machine weightAbout 290 KGs
Output slide board heightAbout 700 mm

Sausage automatic double clipper Video


1. High-speed sausage double clipper up to 50 clips per minute. Fully compatible with pneumatic sausage stuffer.

automatic sausage double clipper

2. Easy operation with clear control panel

auotmatic sausage double clipper

3. Nicely designed alumnum wire winder and wire infeed device

auotmatic sausage double clipper

4. Aliminum clip device, make sure clips are solid and good-looking

auotmatic sausage double clipper

5. Enable 360 degree rotating for convenient operation, to change sausage casings, install aluminum wires, machine cleaning, etc.

auotmatic sausage double clipper

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