Commercial smoker oven smokehouse

commercial smoker oven smokehouse

Smoker oven, or smokehouse plays a key role in finalizing the production of smoked food products, such as sausages, smoked meat, smoked chicken, smoked duck, smoked fish, etc. The using of smoking technology greatly effects the taste and flovor of smoked food.

We supply commercial smoker oven of various capacities, from Model 30 – 2000.

What is smoker oven

Smoker oven, also known as smokehouse, is an equipment that generates smoke and low-temperature heat for the purpose of cooking, drying, smoking the food inside the smoking chamber, which enhances the food with various distinctive smoky flavors and attractive color.

A smoker oven is mainly composed of oven chamber, smoke generator, control system, and  air cycling system.

commercial smoker oven

Oven chamber (working room) is where the food products are placed for smoking process. According to request, the food products can be placed on a trolley, or steel hooks inside the over chamber.

On top of the over chamber, there are fans and copper coils. The function of the fan is to uniformly spread the hot air and smoke sucked up by the motor to make sure food products are smoked evenly.

When the copper coil is used for the drying function, the steam enters the copper coil through the steam reserved port. The copper has good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, and increases the contact space.

The electric heating tube is on both sides, the heating speed is fast, and the heating is uniform. Two temperature probes, one to measure the temperature in the oven and the other to measure the temperature of the food, the appearance helps us judge the aging state of the product.

There are independent flues on both sides of the furnace, the upper part is provided with an exhaust port and a smoke exhaust port, and there is a special steam convection port on the side. situation.

There is a drain at the bottom of the furnace to remove the water droplets formed by the condensation of steam. And a filter plate is installed: it can effectively prevent harmful substances such as small solid particles and smoke tar from being attached to the surface of the product.

commercial smoker oven smokehouse

Smoker oven specifications

We supply smoker ovens with capacities from 30 KGs to 2000 KGs per cycle. The following specifications is for reference.

Model No.Heating methodCapacitySteam pressureWater pressureTotal powerTrolley sizeMachine sizeMachine weight
SOV50ZSteam50KG/cycleUnder 0.6 Mpa0.2 Mpa5.2 kwAbout 750*680*880 mmAbout 1500*1000*1620 mm300 KGs
SOV50DElectricity50KG/cycle14.2 kwAbout 750*680*880 mmAbout 1500*1000*1620 mm300 KGs
SOV100ZSteam100KG/cycleUnder 0.6 Mpa0.2 Mpa6.2 kwAbout 950*850*1280 mmAbout 1650*1250*2100 mm500 KGs
SOV100DElectricity100KG/cycle24.2 kwAbout 950*850*1280 mmAbout 1650*1250*2100 mm500 KGs
SOV150ZSteam150KG/cycle Under 0.6 Mpa0.2 Mpa6.2 kwAbout 1000*850*1550 mmAbout 1720*1150*2380 mm600 KGs
SOV150DElectricity150KG/cycle24.2 kwAbout 1000*850*1550 mmAbout 1720*1150*2380 mm600 KGs
SOV250ZSteam250KG/cycleUnder 0.6 Mpa0.2 Mpa7.2 kw 1100*960*1960 mmAbout 2000*1350*2800 mm700 KGs
SOV250DElectricity250KG/cycle31.2 kw 1100*960*1960 mmAbout 2000*1350*2800 mm700 KGs
SOV500ZSteam500KG/cycleUnder 0.6 Mpa0.2 Mpa11.2 kw 1100*960*1960 mmDual door type: 2540*1350*2800 mmTunnel type: 2540*1350*2800 mm1200 KGs
SOV500DElectricity500KG/cycle71.2 kw 1100*960*1960 mmDual door type: 2540*1350*2800 mmTunnel type: 2540*1350*2800 mm1200 KGs
SOV1000ZSteam1000 KG/cycleUnder 0.6 Mpa0.2 Mpa22.5 kw1100*960*1960 mm4840*1690*2800 mm2200 KGs
SOV1000DElectricity1000 KG/cycle142.5 kw1100*960*1960 mm4840*1690*2800 mm2200 KGs

Automatic commercial smoker oven features

  1. Multi-function: Our automatic smoker ovens are able to process dryinghot/medium/cold smokingDry or steam CookingRoasting, Fermenting and Baking. (up to 110º C, beyond, ask for our Ovens)
  2. Our commercial smoker oven is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, 100% guaranteed food safety and durability
  3. The smokehouse can use optional external cooling system for cold smoking
  4. PLC system for automatic temperature, humidity, and time control
  5. Powerful and reliable smoke generator is made of stainless steel, with automatic mixer for feed.
  6. Steam heating and electricity heating methods available to choose
A smoker oven and the trolley

Commercial smoker oven applications

Commercial smoker oven is a multi-function food processing equipment that combines the function of drying, hot/medium/cold smoking, Dry or steam Cooking, Roasting, etc.

For different food products, the smoking technology is different. Generally, commercial smoker oven can be used to process various sausages, meat products, fish, beancurd products, chicken/duck/goose, eggs (such as smoked quail eggs).

commercial smoker oven
commercial smoker oven for sausages

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