Meat dump buggy washer machine

meat dump buggy washing machine

FBW200 dump buggy washer machine is designed to automatically wash standard 200L (400 lb) dump buggies at a capacity of 20-30 buggies per hour. Customization is available for washing of 300L (600 lb) dump buggies.

Automatic meat buggy washing machine makes the whole cleaning process easier and faster, the 2-phase cleaning (main wash, rinsing wash) guarantees the thorough cleaning of the whole dump buggy. No more wasting time on slow manual cleaning, no more worry about incomplete washing.

Automatic meat buggy washing machine specifications

Model No.FBW200
Machine dimensionAbout 2000*2000*1800 mm
Water pump11 kw
MaterialSUS304 stainless steel
Water heating methodOptional: Electric heating; Steam heating
Power supply3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Steam consumption 40kg/h
Steam connectionφ25
Electric consumption (when use electric heating)3×6KW
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notifications.
dump buggy washer machine
dump buggy washer machine
dump buggy washer machine

Meat dump buggy washing machine features

1. Fully enclosed washing chamber, rotating water spray system, 2-phase washing method, high-pressure water spray, optional sanitizer dispenser, guarantees thorough cleaning of meat buggies. Easy and convenient access to spray nozzles and water tanks

dump buggy washer machine

2. Filter for rinsing, enables recycling of rising water

dump buggy washer machine

3. PLC control, easy operation, fully automatic loading and unloding of dump buggies (need manual operation to move the meat buggy onto and off the bracket when it’s on the ground). Any fault displays in the touch screen

dump buggy washer machine

4. Safety measures: Safety guard net; Gate sensor. 100% guarantees operator safety

dump buggy washer machine

5. Optional heating method: Steam heating or electric heating. Water temperature adjustable. Enable sanitization with 85 °C hot water

6. Whole machine is constructed by SUS304 stainless steel, ensures food hygienic and longest service life.


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Dump buggy washer machine
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