Fish meat bone separator fish grinder machine

Fish meat separator fish grinder machine

Fish meat bone separator machine, fish meat grinder machine, is designed to automatically separate the fish meat from fish bones, and grind fish meat into paste status for next process step, such as fish ball forming and cooking, or make other fish meat products.

The machine can be used to process various types of fishes, including sea fishes and freshwater fishes. The fishes have to be fresh or thawed so that the machine can work properly.

fish meat grinder machine

Fish meat grinder features

  1. Fish meat grinder machine is compact designed and easy to operate
  2. Easy to clean and maintain daily
  3. The machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, guarantees longest service life and inline with food hygiene.
  4. The casing has smooth lines, the welding of the fishbone removal equipment is smooth, and the corners are polished, which is easy to clean

Fish meat grinder machine components

The fish meat grinder machine uses a rotary fish meat collecting barrel and a rubber belt to squeeze the fish meat into collecting barrel, leave fish skin and bones outside of the barrel and machine.

Fish meat separator fish grinder machine

Fish meat grinder machine specifications

Model No.FMG150FMG200FMG300
Productivity (kg/h)About 180About 280About 500
Power supply1 phase or 3 phase, customizable1 phase or 3 phase, customizable3 phase, customizable
Machine dimensionAbout 900*680*850mmAbout 950*720*950mmAbout 950*720*950mm
Machine weightAbout 180 KGsAbout 210 KGsAbout 320 KGs
Total power2.2 kw2.2 kw3.0 kw


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