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meat vacuum tumbling machine

We provide full range of vacuum tumblers with drum volume from 10L to 4800L that can be used for food production of various capacities. Please keep in mind that vacuum tumbling machines with larger capacities are available upon request.

FVT series vacuum massager machines have many features, including variable drum rotating speed, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotating direction, continuous vacuum, continuous tumbling and interval tumbling mode, etc.

Vacuum tumbler specifications

We supply vacuum tumbler machines with different features, specifications and capacities, drum volume up to 4800L, if you want larger vacuum tumbling machine, please contact us with the specifications you want to have.

10L/20L tabletop type vacuum tumblers

Small tabletop type vacuum tumbling machine FVT10/FVT20 has a compact designed drum with space of 10L/20L. The small vacuum tumbler is perfect for laboratory use for new product development in food factories. The small vacuum massager has all the features that are same as industrial-grade vacuum tumblers, including variable speed, continuous tumbling and interval tumbling mode, continuous vacuum function, etc. The drum cover can be removed for easy cleaning.

Model No.FVT10FVT20
Total power0.38 KW0.45 KW
Power supplySingle phase, 220V, 50Hz, can customizeSingle phase, 220V, 50Hz, can customize
Drum volume10L20L
Capacity5 KGs/cycle5-10 KGs/cycle
Drum rotating speed0-8 RPM0-8 RPM
Machine dimensionAbout 680*370*820 mmAbout 815*440*835 mm
Machine weightAbout 60 KGsAbout 80 KGs
Price (USD, EXW)1700.001750.00
laboratory use small vacuum massager
small vacuum tumbler for laboratory
small tabletop vacuum tumbler

Industrial vacuum tumblers 50 – 4800 L

Industrial-grade vacuum tumblers with drum volume 50L – 4800L (larger capacity machines are available upon request) are widely used in small to large meat and fish processing factories where continuous operation is needed. According to different automation requirement, we can configure these vacuum massager machines with different options, including PLC & touch screen controller, meat buggy loading system, vacuum loading system, etc. Our FVT series vacuum tumbling machines have inbuilt snorkel  inside the drum which enables continuous vacuum to offer better tumbling quality.

vacuum massager
50/100/200/300 L
vacuum massager machine
500 – 1000 L
meat vacuum tumbling machine with meat buggy loading system
1000 – 4800 L with meat buggy automatic loading system
Model No.Drum volume (L)Capacity (KGs)Drum rotating speed (RPM)Total power (KW)Machine dimension (L*W*H, mm)Machine weight (KGs)Vacuum degree
FVT5050251-13, variable speed1.0920*535*9801000.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT100100501-13, variable speed1.51050*630*10601400.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT2002001001-8, variable speed1.51350*830*13502000.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT3003001501-8, variable speed2.251400*930*13502600.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT5005002501-8, variable speed2.251420*1025*14103200.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT6006003001-8, variable speed2.251570*1024*14103600.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT8008004001-8, variable speed2.951780*1130*15504200.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT100010005001-8, variable speed3.71865*1305*17156600.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT12001200500-8001-8, variable speed4.52265*1420*18057500.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT16001600700-10001-8, variable speed4.52465*1420*18059600.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT20002000900-12001-8, variable speed5.22500*1420*187010500.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT280028001400-16001-8, variable speed6.352560*1430*210011600.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT360036001800-20001-8, variable speed6.82830*1540*222015000.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT480048002400-26001-8, variable speed6.84000*1650*195021000.04-0.08 Mpa
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notifications.
vacuum tumbler factory
vacuum tumbling machine factory
vacuum tumbler manufacturer

Hydraulic tilted vacuum tumblers 1000 – 3600 L

Hydraulic tilted vacuum tumbler machine is configured with a hydraulic-driven drum lifting and lowering system to lift the the drum from the rear-end slowly to unload the finished products, and lower the drum steadily afterwards. Hydraulic tilting enables easy unloading and cleaning of the drum. The tilting angle of the drum can be changed with the help of the hydraulic system, so the tumbling operation can be completed accordingly. Compared to classic horizontal vacuum tumbling machines, hydraulic tilted vacuum tumbler provides 15-25% more load capacity.

heavy duty vacuum tumbler
vacuum tumbling machine
large vacuum tumbler machine
Model No.Drum volume (L)Capacity (KGs)Drum rotating speed (RPM)Total power (KW)Machine dimension (L*W*H, mm)Machine weight (KGs)Vacuum degree
FVT1000Y10006002-11, variable speed4.52100*1285*18255800.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT1700Y170010002-10, variable speed6.82600*1580*1725 (For installation, the room height minimum 2500 mm )6700.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT2500Y250015002-10, variable speed10.852800*1600*180013500.04-0.08 Mpa
FVT3600Y360020002-10, variable speed114000*2100*180024500.04-0.08 Mpa
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notifications.

Vacuum tumbler video

Vacuum tumbler features

1. FVT vacuum tumbler machines are made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, reinforced drum and frame construction extends machine service life. Finely-polished surfaces and inside of drum.

2. Optional cooling system for cooling tumbling operation. Extra insulated cooling jacket is built around the drum perimeter, glycol cooling system, together with external cooling unit. Vacuum tumblers with cooling system can minimize the massaging time while maintaining the temperature of the products at a desired level, optimize the binding of proteins and improve the microbiological quality of met and fish products, keep the product high quality without worrying about the temperature conditions of the work shop.

vacuum tumbler with cooling system
Vacuum tumbler with cooling system

3. Frequency drive enables variable speed of the drum rotation

4. Continuous vacuum function. FVT vacuum massager uses an internal vacuum snorkel that enables the vacuum inside the drum to be drawn, vented and re-drawn while the machine is still in the mixing mode. Continuous vacuum function allows for greater pick up due to the “sponge” effect thus giving your product more of the value-added flavor and juiciness. Operator can set any process cycles including mixing time, rest time, venting time, vacuum time, and the whole tumbling time, etc.

5. Continuous tumbling and interval tumbling mode. Continous tumbling mixes the products with the marination constantly. Interval tumbling mixes the products for a set duration and stops for a set duration, for example, tumble for 5 minutes, rest for 2 minutes. Interval tumbling mode allows the product to absorb more during the resting period as it sits in the marinade.

6. Optional automatic loading system: Meat buggy loading system; Vacuum loading system.

7. Reverse discharge function. The drum can rotate at counter-clockwise direction for easy unloading of finished products.

8. Default microprocessor control panel, optional PLC touch screen control.

vacuum tumbler with microprocessor control panel
vacuum massager touch screen control panel

What is vacuum tumbling

Meat tumbling is a necessary and specialized process for marinating meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables to give them a great taste and tenderization. Vacuum tumbling is so far the most advanced tumbling technology to continuously stretch and massage meat and fish in vacuum environment to absorb more marinade in a much shorter time than manual tumbling.

Vacuum tumbling can massively increase the yields and efficiency of food production. The tissues of meat and fish are repeatedly stretched during the tumbling cycles, the marinades are absorbed fully with minimum residual left in the drum, so the weight of the meat and fish products will be increased with the addition of the marinade. By gently massaging the meat and by the process of repeatedly stretching and then relaxing the protein tissues, the meat itself will be softer, ensuring a more tender bite, as well as being juicier and more succulent when eaten, not to mention full of flavour.

Benefits of vacuum tumbling

  • Vacuum tumbling offers greater yields and higher margins for food business. With the maximum absorption of marinade, brine and seasonings, the weight of finished products can be 10% – 15% more than raw meat and fish materials without tumbling operation.
  • Vacuum tumbling effectively improves product quality and consistency. The meat and fish products are muicier, more tender and tastes better because the tumbling process causes even penetration and distribution of the marinade and draws protein to the surface of meat.
  • Vacuum tumbling can reduce processing time and labor costs. With industrial-grade vacuum tumblers, the handling and processing time will be readuced to as little as 10 minutes for the marination of some products. Typically, a water based marinade would cost at least 10 hours for the flavour to penetrate the structure of the meat, which in a busy period could mean lost sales. Additionally, a single set of heavy-duty vacuum tumbling machine can process 1-5 tons of meat and fish in an hour, which might need more than 10 operators for manual tumbling.
  • Vacuum massage can reduce supply cost by eliminating the waste of marinade as you can be more precise with the ratio of marinade to meat, knowing full well that the absorption rate will be optimum with no excess leftover, once again increasing efficiency and saving costs.

How does vacuum tumbling machine work

  • Firstly the meat, fish or poultry products are loaded into the drum of the vacuum tumbler together with a liquid marinade, spices and other ingredients that are required for infusion. The loading process can be done manually and automatically by meat buggy loading system and vacuum loading system.
  • With the help of vacuum pump, the air is evacuated from the rotating drum to generate a vacuum environment, where the air is sucked out of the meat, fish and poultry products, the meat tissue is stretched which allows marinade/brine/seasoning to easily penetrate and bind itself to the molecules of protein.
  • After a certain period of tumbling time, the vacuum tumbler slowly lets the air back into the drum and in turn back into the meat. The tumbling time depends on the type of meat, for example, for spare ribs/chicken portions, the time is approx. 10-20 minutes.
  • Once the tumbling cycle is finished, the drum stops rotating and leave the meat to rest for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat the above cycle for another 10-20 minutes, followed by another 10-minute rest.
  • Depending on meat type or product, a further 3rd cycle might be necessary. As with any similar process there are many factors involved, and different products will require different cycle times. Certainly, a little experimentation and trial and error is necessary to achieve optimum results.
  • After the whole tumbling cycle is completed, unload the finished products by reversely rotate the drum, or hydraulic tilting system.

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