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Meat dump buggy, also known as a meat buggy, is an essential tool that is designed to facilitate transportation and storage of raw food material, semi-processed material, and finished food products in food production. Standard dump buggies with a capacity of 200L (400 lb) are fully compatible with most buggy lifter devices, which enable the automatic loading of food processing equipment, such as vacuum tumblers, vacuum mixers, bowl cutters, etc.

We supply high-quality standard meat dump buggies that are made of SUS304 stainless steel with reinforced structure, guaranteeing food hygiene and the longest service life. Except for the 200L dump buggies, we also supply them with 300L and other made-to-order capacities.

Standard size meat buggies are always in stock, ready for shipment. Whenever you need it, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Meat buggy specifications

Capacity200L (400 lb)
DimensionAbout 804*709*668 mm
WeightAbout 37 KGs
MaterialSUS304 stainless steel
Wall thickness2 mm
Reinforced bottom plate and cross braces thickness3 mm + 3 mm
Wheel typePolythene (default). Options available
Wheel sizeDiameter 16 cm, width 4 cm
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change machine specifications without prior notifications.
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Stainless steel meat dump buggy features

1. Reinforced construction with 3 mm wall and 3 mm bottom plate, additional 3 mm thick cross braces are applied for extra strength.

2. Fine polished inner and outer, smooth and easy to clean.

3. Default polythene wheels, with 3 mm rigid castors, low noise, maintenance free. Moves nimbly and quietly.

4. Super easy to clean.

5. Optional stainless steel lid

dump buggy with stainless steel lid

6. Optional drain valve

Stainless steel dump buggies
Dump buggies with drain valve

7. Optional perforated wall

dump buggy with perforated wall

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Stainless steel dump buggies
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