Continuous MAP machine tray sealer

modified atmosphere packaging machine tray sealer

MAP550 Continuous rotary automatic tray sealer / cup sealer is a multi-function sealing machine for plastic / aluminum foil trays, cups and bowls, with ultra efficiency and many options.

The machine is controlled by PLC through touch screen, including line speed, seal temperature, and dwell time. Once the functions are configured for a specific tray, they can be stored within saved files for future use. The PLC also communicates with fillers, printers and labelers.


  1. Trays / Cups automatic feeding option: Automtic feed trays or cups to the molds
  2. Automatic filling option
  3. Date printer option
  4. MAP, vacuum and sealing only function available

MAP550 continuous MAP tray sealer introduction

Rotary automatic continuous tray sealer MAP550 is introduced by Yide Machinery as a PLC controlled fast-speed sealing machine for containers like trayscups and bowls. The machine is designed with a fully set of tray molds that rotate inside the machine frame, in the whole process of filling-sealing-discharging. According to producton capacity requirement, there can be 1-8 lanes of molds sets, which means it seals 1-8 trays/ cups/ bowls every time. LRC series tray sealing machine is ideal filling-sealing equipment for various products including ready meals, rice, ready meals, meat, seafood, yogurt, snacks, etc.

continuous tray sealer
Continuous MAP machine tray sealer
continuous tray sealer

MAP550 continuous MAP tray sealer packaging material

MAP550 continuous MAP tray sealer is designed for sealing containers (trays, cups, bowls) of various materials and shapes, including:

  • Plastic: PP/PS/PET, etc
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper
  • Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Triangle, any irregular shapes


Model No.MAP550
Power supply3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, can customize
Total power4-10 KW
Mold sizeDesigned according to container size
Packaging speed300-3000 packs per hour, customized designed according to tray size and customer requirement for productivity
MAP functionOptional
Sealing only functionYes
Machine dimensionVarious according to tray size and machine design


  • MAP550 tray sealer is made of stainless steel for best durability and hygiene, easy to clean
  • Acid-resistant aluminum mold sets allows all types of packing material and products to seal
  • Easy control with PLC and touch screen
  • Two sealing times for best sealing quality
  • Wide packaging material range: Plastic, aluminum foil, paper


  1. Function options: Sealing only function; Vacuum; MAP modified atmosphere packaging
  2. Trays/cups/bowls automatic feeding
  3. Trays/cups/bowls automatic filling, various auto filling method for liquid, granulate products
  4. Printing devices
  5. Photocell registration system for printed sealing film
  6. Connection with conveying belts, metal detector, labelling machine, etc
  7. Any other options is needed, please let us know
automatic tray sealer


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Application range

Strawberry modified atmosphere packaging machine
Agricultural Produces
Fresh pork slices modified atmosphere packaging machine - Premade trays
Meat and Poultry
Croissant MAP tray sealing packaging machine
Bakery, Pastry and Ready Meals
Cooked shrimp modified atmosphere packaging machine - Premade trays
Fish and Seafood
UHT milk portion packaging machine cup sealer
Dairy and Cheese

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Continuous MAP machine tray sealer
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