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Lander Package offers a variety of flexible/rigid plastic packaging materials, including thermoforming/rollstock films, vacuum pouches, MAP modified atmosphere packaging trays and lidding film, VSP vacuum skin pack trays and films, shrink wrap films, food bags, cling wrap film, etc. For related packaging machines, please visit Packaging Machine page.

Our Packaging Materials

thermoforming rollstock film

Rollstock Films

vacuum pouches

Vacuum Pouches

food bags

Doypack Standup Pouches

MAP trays and lidding film

MAP Trays and Lidding Films

skin pack trays and film

VSP Skin Pack Trays and Films

cling wrap film

Cling Film Plastic Wrap

shrink wrap film

POF Shrink Wrap Films

Lander Package, since 2006, is specialize in researching, manufacturing and distributing of various flexible/rigid plastic packaging materials.

Lander Package manufactures strong & high-quality food packaging materials and offers innovative packaging solutions. We understand that safe and high-quality food packaging is important to our customers. That is why we offer a full range of flexible and rigid plastic packaging solutions for food, such as vacuum pouch, embossed vacuum pouch, vacuum sealer rolls, forming film, lidding film, stand up pouches, printed bags, lamination film, VFFS and HFFS material, etc. We have exported to USA, Canada, EU, Russia, South America, Asia and other countries around the world.

Lander Package supplies good packaging to promote product’s value and demonstrate our idea. This idea covers the entire value chain, including suppliers, customers, shareholders, employees, users and the whole society. We not only provide green, healthy and safe packaging, but also promote the value of packed product, at the same time focus on environment, health and safety. We stick to the idea of Success together, Work together!

packaging material
packaging material
packaging material
packaging material
packaging material
packaging material