MAP modified atmosphere packaging trays and lidding films

For MAP modified atmosphere packaging, there are various types of trays/bowls/cups and sealing films. We offer various MAP trays/bowls/cups with different material, color and dimension (length * width * depth), and lidding films with different width, thickness. The MAP containers and lidding films are fully compatible with our MAP modified atmosphere packaging machines and tray sealers.

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MAP modified atmosphere packaging trays

MAP trays/bowls are the plastic containers used for purpose of MAP modified atmosphere packaging, nitrogen/mixed air filling and sealing. According to your product’s specifications, we can customize the MAP trays and bowls of various length, width and depth. The shape of the container is customizable. All the MAP trays are very well compatible with our MAP modified atmosphere packaging machines.

ProductMAP trays
Length184mm/224mm or per requirement
Width133mm/158mm/per requirement  
Depth40mm/60mm/per requirement
ColorTransparent or nontransparent with Red, White,Blue,Green,Yellow etc.
ShapeRectangular, square, round, per requirement

MAP lidding films

We offer tray/bowl/cup lidding film of various options:

  • Customize width
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Easy peeling
  • Anti-fog
  • Clear lidding film, or custom printed lidding films.


MAP trays and lidding films
MAP plastic trays and lidding films
MAP lidding films
MAP plastic trays and lidding films
MAP plastic trays and lidding films
MAP plastic trays
plastic bowls

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