POF Polyolefin shrink wrap film

POF Polyolefin shrink wrap film is an extremely durable and versatile packaging material used on shrink wrap machines. Polyolefin shrink wrap offers many advantages over PVC shrink wrap. In recent years, polyolefin has become the preferred shrink material for most shrink packaging applications. POF polyolefin shrink film is FDA approved for direct food contact. POF materials are available with different characteristics. One option is cross-linked film, which provides high-tensile strength and incredible clarity for high-speed packaging applications. Cross-linked film also prevents buildup on the sealing components of your machinery.

Because of POF’s added strength, longer rolls of film with thinner gauges can be created. This decreases roll change-over and increases both efficiency and productivity. POF shrink wrap film has excellent puncture resistance and seal strength, which helps protect irregularly shaped items throughout its supply chain lifecycle.

POF polyolefin shrink wrap film
POF Polyolefin shrink wrap film

POF polyolefin shrink wrap film specifications

The specifications of centerfolded POF polyolefin shrink wrap film rolls. The thickness and width are customizable, if you have any special requests, please kindly let us know.

Item No.LYF001LYF002LYF003LYF004LYF005
NameStandard POF filmLow temperature POF filmCross linked POF filmCross linked Low Temperature POF filmCross linked Anti-fog POF film
Shrink rate50-55%65-72%79-81%79-81%79-81%
Tensile resistance105N/m㎡95N/m㎡130N/m㎡130N/m㎡130N/m㎡
Recommended shrink temperature140-150 ℃100-125 ℃130-140 ℃100-125 ℃130-145 ℃
Width230-600 mm230-600 mm230-600 mm230-600 mm230-600 mm
Thickness and length15 mic/1332 meters19 mic/1067 meters25 mic/800 meters30 mic/675 meters15 mic/1332 meters19 mic/1067 meters 12 mic/1667 meters15 mic/1332 meters19 mic/1067 meters11 mic/1800 meters15 mic/1332 meters11 mic/1800 meters15 mic/1332 meters

Crosslinked Polyolefin Shrink Film

The cross-linking of polymers can be done chemically or with irradiation. Irradiation exposes the polymer or plastic to high energy b rays. Crosslinking for polyolefin shrink film uses the irradiation process.

The exposure to b rays causes cross-linking bonds at the molecular level. This cross-linking effect provides a variety of benefits for the film. Benefits to cross-linked shrink film include:

Increased tensile strength

Higher abrasion resistance

Improved burst strength

Stronger, more durable seals

The irradiation also sterilizes the film making cross-linked shrink film ideal for health care and food packaging applications.

Low temperature POF shrink wrap film

Low temperature POF shrink film has been designed to reduce the amount of heat exposure required to shrink the film fully. The lower heat exposure is perfect for heat-sensitive items. Reduced heat exposure also enables faster conveyor speeds and quicker production times. Low temp. shrink film shrinks at 100-125 degrees centigrade.

Sealing wires, blades, and hot knives last longer due to lower temperatures required for shrinking and sealing. Shrink wrap chocolates, candies, baked goods, adhesives, and other products that can be damaged by heat exposure.

  • No Seal Residue
  • Run Machines Cooler.
  • Shrink Heat Sensitive Products
  • Safe for Direct Food Contact
  • Crystal Clarity

Crosslinked anti-fog POF shrink wrap film

Crosslinked anti-fog POF shrink wrap film is specially designed for shrink wrap of food products that requires anti-fog function in low-temperature and regular-temperature storage environment. This type of shrink wrap film is especially good for packaging of vegetables and fruits, meat, seafood and fish, medicine products, etc.

How to calculate the width of the POF shrink film your product need

The easiest way to measure for centerfold POF shrink wrap film is to add the depth and width of the product, then add 2-3 inches. If a product is 10 inches wide and 4 inches tall, you would add 10+4+2=16 inches. A 16-inch wide film would be ideal for wrapping the product. If a 16-inch film is not available, go up to the next size of film, never go down in size.

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POF Polyolefin shrink wrap film
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