Rollstock films is one of our most popular products. Roll stock is an especially popular packaging technology in the food industry, but customers from other industries also frequently use it for a variety of applications. Ultimately, roll stock offers flexibility in package design and works well in a wide range of applications.

Roll stock offers many benefits, including:

  • Low costs: Even high-quality roll stock is very affordable.
  • Fast Speed: We can mass produce roll stock quickly, so you can start packaging your products right away.
  • Branding flexibility: High quality, multi-color printing of the most complex designs and colors.

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
Thermoforming film for thermoforming packaging machine
HFFS horizontal flow wrapper
Film rolls for HFFS packaging machine
vertical form fill seal packaging machine
Film rolls for VFFS packaging machine

Film for thermoforming packaging machine

Related packaging machine: Thermoforming packaging machine.

For rollstock/thermoforming packaging machines, there are 3 main types: Vacuum packing; MAP modified atmosphere packaging; VSP vacuum skin packaging. Lander Package manufactures and supplies thermoforming packaging films with customer-required features.

Thermoforming is a plastic forming process used to create a broad variety of consumer goods by melting a plastic sheet over a mold and allowing it to cool. With thermoforming packaging machine, or rollstock packaging machine, form containers in the die sets in forming chamber, then seal the containers by the top sealing film after vacuum/MAP/VSP packaging process.
Thermoforming films are available in a variety of thicknesses, width and printings, depending on the product type.

thermoforming rollstock film

Thermoforming packaging film can be used in packaging of many products, you should choose different thermoforming film according to the specifications of your products.

We will work with you to identify the best film for your application. Our rollstock film experts select the finest film materials and consult with clients to ensure the thermoforming film meets production needs.

Thermoforming packages offer a more consistent finished product presentation than vacuum pouches. Lander thermoforming film is available in a variety of sizes and styles and for various uses. Our thermoforming film can be used on virtually any thermoforming packaging machine. It is a great choice for fresh meat, processed meat, cheese blocks, cheese wheels, or sliced cheese, poultry, and frozen or cooked fish.

– Forming and non-forming – forming is typically thicker than non-forming
– Low, medium and high barrier
– Clear, colored, and pre-printed
– High-temperature, sterilization, or freezing storage

Aluminum foil, etc
Range of useMeat/Cheese/Sausage/Fish/Seafood, and many more
Oxygen barrier optionYes
Moisture barrier optionYes
High puncture resistance optionYes
Freezing storage optionYes
Microvable optionYes
High-temperature sterilization optionYes

Rollstock film for HFFS and VFFS packaging machine

Related packaging machine: HFFS flow wrap machineVFFS vertical form fill seal machine.

Material: PVC, BOPP, OPP, CPP, PET laminated, OPP/CPP, KOP/CPP, etc

We offer rollstock film for HFFS and VFFS packaging machines with different features and specifications (thickness, width, clear or pre-printed), according to the features of the product to pack, and considering the compatibility with the related packaging machines.

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Rollstock film
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