Vacuum Skin Packaging Cardboard

Eco-friendly, low carbon, recyclable
Customize size, color, and shape
Fully compatible with our vacuum skin packaging machines

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Vacuum skin packaging cardboards

Vacuum skin packaging cardboard offers a new packaging style to the packaging of premium food products, such as beef steaks, salmon fillets, sea cucumbers, etc. It’s a great enhancement to the traditional vacuum skin pack in plastic trays. The skin packaging cardboards are fully compatible with our vacuum skin packaging machines.

Vacuum skin packaging cardboard features

vacuum skin packaging cardboard
Eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainable

Paper cardboard is an eco-friendly solution for vacuum skin packaging. It minimizes the use of plastic to up to 80%. Skin pack cardboards are biodegradable, recyclable.

Enhanced brand building tool

The paper cardboards are printable at both sides with your favorable colors, figures and logo. The package is more attractive and persuasive to consumers.

Customize sizes, colors, and printings

The skin pack cardboards default color is golden color. You are always allowed to customize the color of the cardboard. Printing can be a powerful brand-building tool because you can print your company name, LOGO, motto, or any information on the skin pack cardboard.

Fully compatible with our vacuum skin packaging machines

The vacuum skin packaging cardboard is 100% compatible with our vacuum skin packaging machines to ensure the best skin pack quality.

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Vacuum skin packaging cardboard
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