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Double chamber vacuum packaging machines from LDZ400 to LDZ900. Machine details page, please click here.

Double chamber vacuum packaging machines are very widely used for vacuum packaging of meat products, fish and seafood, poultry products, pickles, frozen durian, etc.We offer full series of double chamber packaging machines, from LDZ400/2S, to heavy-duty double chamber vacuum packaging machine LDZ800/2S, LDZ900/2S and LDZ1000/2SD.

For more details about double chamber vacuum packaging machine, please visit product page.

Key factors to choose the right size of double chamber vacuum packaging machines

  1. Sealing bar length
  2. Sealing bar distance
  3. Vacuum pump

Sealing bar length

The model No. of the double chamber vacuum packaging machines indicates the sealing bar length, i.e, LDZ600/2S, simply means the sealing bar length is 600 mm.

Assume your vacuum bag’s width (length of the side to seal) is 20cm, then you can expect to put 3 packs on each sealing bar of LDZ600/2S.

Sealing bar distance

The sealing bar distance indicates the space between the 2 sealing bars in the vacuum chamber. For the sealing bar distances of each model, please check the table below.

Assume your vacuum bag’s length is 20cm, then you should use a double chamber vacuum packaging machine who’s sealing bar distance is 40 cm and more.

Sealing bar distance table

Model No.Sealing bar distance
LDZ400/2S360 mm
LDZ500/2S400 mm
LDZ600/2S440 mm
LDZ600/4S200 mm
LDZ700/2S480 mm
LDZ800/2S600 mm
LDZ900/2S620 mm

Model No.

LDZ400/2S, LDZ500/2S, LDZ600/2S, LDZ600/4S, LDZ700/2S, LDZ800/2S, LDZ900/2S

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double chamber vacuum packaging machineDouble chamber vacuum packaging machine
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