Vertical MAP tray sealer machine (gas-flushing type)


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  1. Vertical-type MAP tray sealer machine
  2. Gas-flushing type MAP modified atmosphere packaging technology
  3. No vacuum pump is used
  4. Tray sealing only function available.

Vertical MAP modified atmosphere packaging machine tray sealer MAP420 series are multi-function packaging machines, that can do:

  1. MAP modified atmosphere packaging (Pure gas or mixed gas)
  2. Tray (and plastic cups, bowls) vacuum packaging
  3. Tray (and plastic cups, bowls) sealing-only

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MAP420 modified atmosphere packaging machine is customizable for different package sizes. The standard tray size is 200*140 mm, 4 trays per cycle. Standard lidding film width is 420 mm


Model No.MAP420/1SGMAP420/2SG
Machine sizeAbout 1270*1200*1580 mmAbout 1670*1200*1580 mm
Machine weightAbout 400 KGAbout 500 KG
Standard tray size (customizable)200*140 mm200*140 mm
Capacity3-5 cycles/minute4-6 cycles/minute
Standard lidding film width (customizable)420 mm420 mm
Average power3 KW3 KW
Power supply380V, 50HZ, 3Phase, or customize380V, 50HZ, 3Phase, or customize
Required accessoriesCustomer should prepare compressed air, 0.6-0.8 Mpa; and air mixer, if MAP packaging is needed.Customer should prepare compressed air, 0.6-0.8 Mpa; and air mixer, if MAP packaging is needed.

Questions and Answers

Question 1: Can I use different sizes of trays on the machine?

Answer: Yes. The MAP420 modified atmosphere packaging machine supports replaceable molds for trays of different sizes.

Question 2: Can I pack plastic bowls and cups on the machine:

Anaswer: Yes, we can customize the mold for bowls and cups

Question 3: Can I pack 6 trays per cycle?

Answer: Yes. According to the tray size, we can do mold for 6 trays as options, but prices might be different according to the final design.

Question 4: What else do I need to prepare if I want to do MAP packaging, to fill in the trays with mixed air?

Answer: You need to prepare air compressor for compressed air, and gas mixer which is used to mix the gas at a certain required ratio. And of course, gas sources are necessary.


vertical MAP modified atmosphere pacakging machine tray sealerVertical MAP tray sealer machine (gas-flushing type)
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