As a professional manufacturer of packaging machines, Zhucheng Yide Machinery Co., Ltd. offers cutting-edge, versatile and flexible packaging solutions that cover a wide range of food products, medical devices and other products. We treasure every opportunity to cooperate with you and consider it a great honor to be helpful to your business.

Our machines are designed for packaging of products in 6 main categories, including meat and poultry products, fish and seafood products, agricultural produces, dairy and cheese products, bakery bread ready meals and other food products, medical devices and other products.

For each product, there can be several packaging solutions which offer different features including shelf-life extending and transport conveniences. Please contact us with your product specificaitons and unique packaging requirements. Our packaging machines support the main packaging technologies on the market, including: Vacuum packaging, MAP modified atmosphere packaging, VSP vacuum skin packaging, Thermoforming packaging, Vacuum + hot water shrink packaging, HFFS flow wrapping, VFFS vertical form-fill-seal.

meat packaging solutions
Meat and Poultry Products
fish packaging machine
Fish and Seafood Products
vegetables and fruits packaging machines and solutions
Agricultural Produces
dairy and cheese packaging machines
Dairy and Cheese
ready meals packaging machines
Bakery, Ready Meals, and Other Food
Medical Devices and other Products

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