We supply professional and dependable packaging solutions and packaging machines for various agricultural produces and deep-processed byproducts, including fresh, frozen and dried vegetables and fruits, pickles, rices, beans, salad, nuts, vacuum fried vegetable fruit crips and chips, fresh cut fruits, preserved fruit, sauces and ketchup, etc.

Thanks to our wide range of agricultural produces packaging machines that are totally customizable according to product dimension, weight and condition, we provide agricultural produces packaging solutions cover up to 6 packaging types, including vacuum packaging, MAP modified atmosphere packaging, shrink wrapping, HFFS flow wrapping, VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging, cling film wrapping, etc.

Please check below items for agricultural produces packaging samples, and information about related packaging machines, including the machine short description, price range, and related video (if applicable). If you’d like to know packaging solutions for your agricultural produces that are not in the below list, please contact us.

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