Small mini thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

small mini thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Small mini size thermoforming vacuum packaging machine Mini200 is an entry-level automatic vacuum packaging solution for world food business. This compact and delicately designed packaging machine is being a great help to business beginners on account of it’s space-saving size and minimum cost.

Please kindly understand that this machine doesn’t support mold changing for packages of different shapes and sizes, which means it can only handle packages of 1 size on 1 machine (depth is adjustable).

Small entry-level thermoforming vacuum packaging machine specifications

Mini200 entry-level thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is customized according to customer’s product shape and size, so the machine specifications are different, including the width of bottom film and top film.

Model No.Mini200
Bottom film widthMade to order
Top film widthMade to order
Power supplyCustomize, 3 Phase
Total powerAbout 4.5 KW
Packaging speed3-5 cycles/minute
Machine weightAbout 500 KGs
Machine lengthAbout  3 meters
Vacuum degree≤200pa
Compressed air requirement0.6-0.8 Mpa
PriceStarts from USD18000


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Small mini thermoforming vacuum packaging machine features

  • Space saving: The machine is compact designed for minimal footprint. The length of the machine is around 3 meters, and whole machine covers an area lower than 3 square meters.
  • Lower investment: The cost of this small thermoforming vacuum packaging machine starts from USD18000. Business starters can save a lot because they don’t need to buy the more expensive thermoforming vacuum packaging machines that costs USD40000 and more.
  • Energy saving: The total power of the machine is only about 4.5 KW.
  • Small, lower cost, but still high quality: The machine is composed of high-quality spare parts which have been proven to be dependable
  • Safety facilityes: Safety covers over knife system, forming chamber, and vacuum chamber
  • The machine is equipped with warning and protection systems for power phase loss, reverse phase, and overvoltage, undervoltage, and leakage. Any faults can be displayed on the touch screen, so engineers can easily locate the fault point and solve it.

Small thermoforming vacuum packaging machine main components list

The goal of this entry-level vacuum packaging machine is to offer business beginners automatic packaging solution with minimum cost. Most spare parts are made in China, but they are dependable. Please kindly understand that we don’t accept talor-made components from customers.

PLCInovance, China
Touch screenInovance, China
Solid-relayToky, China
A.C ContactorCHNT, China
Thermal overload protectorCHNT, China
Circuit breakerCHNT, China
Temperature controlToky, China
Servo motorInovance, China
Servo controllerInovance, China
Intermediate relayCHNT, China
Magnetic valveAirtac, Taiwan China
Vacuum pump100 m3/h, China brand or Busch
CylindersAirtac, Taiwan China
Approach switchOmron, Japan
ThermocoupleOmron, Japan

Necessary preparation for small thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

To make sure the small mini size thermoforming vacuum packaging machine work properly, the following devices must be prepared and well installed:

  1. Electricity: The thermoforming packagiing machine requires 3 Phase power supply. We customize the machine according to the electricity specification of your area. Please make sure of stable electricity supply.
  2. Compressed air: The machine requires compressed air to work, air pressure no less than 0.6 Mpa, norminal air flow 1 m3/minute. The connecting pipe is PU pipe with diameter 16 mm. There must be filter on your air compressor to make sure of clean compressed air.
  3. Cooling water: You can use either clean running water, or water chiller for recycling water. Water pressure ≥0.1Mpa.

What is the cost of small mini size thermofomring vacuum packaging machine

The price of this entry-level thermoforming vacuum packaging machine starts from USD18000.

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Small mini thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
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