Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

thermoforming packaging machine

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is a popular variation of thermoforming packaging machine. The bottom film of thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is flexible, and the thermoformed containers are flexible too.

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine can be used for vacuum packaging of almost any food and non-food products, as long as the dimension is allowed.

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine specifications

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machines are fully customizable according to customer’s product features, specifications and any unique packaging requirements. There are some common machine models, including LRZ320, LRZ420, LRZ520. The below specifications are for reference

Model No.LRZ320LRZ420LRZ520
Bottom film width322 mm422 mm522 mm
Top film width295 mm395 mm495 mm
Power supplyCustomize, 3 PhaseCustomize, 3 PhaseCustomize, 3 Phase
Total powerAbout 12 KWAbout 15 KWAbout 18 KW
Packaging speed4-7 cycles/minute5-8 cycles/minute5-8 cycles/minute
Machine weightAbout 1300 KGsAbout 1800 KGsAbout 2200 KGs
Machine dimensionAbout 5000*800*1800 mmAbout 6500*900*1800 mmAbout 7500*1000*1800 mm


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Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine features

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machines are popular for automatic and fast-speed vacuum packaging of various food and non-food products.They own some features that make thermoforming vacuum packaging machine the favorite packaging equipment.

  • The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel frame and side covers for best durability and highest hygiene standards
  • The parameters of thermoforming vacuum packaging machine are adjustable by touch panel, easy to read and operate
  • High efficient vacuum pump with options of BUSCH or other brands
  • Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine allows more than 1 package sizes in 1 machine, by changing of different molds
  • Optional automatic mold changing by touch screen, no need manual operation. Please let us know advance if you need this function
  • Forming depth is adjustable by add or reduce inserts
  • Machine can be set up for clear and printed film
  • Easy to integrate with automatic devices, such as multi-head weigher dispenser for automatic loading; PrinterMetal detector, etc.
  • Safety covers at key proints
thermoforming packaging machine
Forming/vacuum chamber made of strengthened 6061 aluminum alloy
thermoforming packaging machine
Precise servo control system
thermoforming packaging machine
Horizontal cutting system
thermoforming packaging machine
Bottom film system
thermoforming packaging machine
Safety covers
thermoforming packaging machine
Safety cover
thermoforming packaging machine
Safety cover
thermoforming packaging machine
Forming/vacuum chamber lifting system

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine main components list

Our thermoforming vacuum packaging machines are composed of the below components. The list is for reference. We reserve the right to change machine configurations without prior notice.

PLCSiemens SIMATIC S7-200T, Germany
Touch screenSiemens 10″ , Germany
Servo driveSiemens, Germany
A.C ContactorSchneider, France
Vacuum pumpBusch or Rietschle, Germany
ChainsTYC, Taiwan China
Approach switchOmron, Japan
Pneumatic systemAirtac, Taiwan China
RelaySchneider, France
Switch powerSchneider, France
Temperature control systemSiemens, Germany
Data systemSiemens, Germany
Solid-state relayFotek, Taiwan China
Phase sequence protection relaySchneider, France
Registration mark sensorBanner Engineering, USA
Mobile inkject system, Servo drive systemSiemens, Germany
Mobile inkject system, PLCSiemens, Germany
Mobile inkject mechanismCCM, China

When purchasing thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, you need to prepare

To make sure the thermoforming vacuum packaging machine work properly, the following devices must be prepared and well installed:

  1. Electricity: The thermoforming packagiing machine requires 3 Phase power supply. We customize the machine according to the electricity specification of your area. Please make sure of stable electricity supply.
  2. Compressed air: The machine requires compressed air to work, air pressure no less than 0.6 Mpa, norminal air flow 1 m3/minute. The connecting pipe is PU pipe with diameter 16 mm. There must be filter on your air compressor to make sure of clean compressed air.
  3. Cooling water: You can use either clean running water, or water chiller for recycling water.

What is the cost of thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Our thermoforming vacuum packaging machine price starts from USD36000. If you are looking for more cost effective and simpler thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, please check with our “Small thermoforming vacuum packaging machine” which costs around USD20000, FOB price.

Products can be packed by thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Any food and non-food products that requires vacuum packaging and have proper dimension can be packed by thermoforming vacuum packaging machines.

  1. Meat products: Fresh meat, frozen meat, cured meat, sausages bulk package, sausage IVP package, salami, ham, bacon, beef, pork, burgers, bison meat, ground pork meat, ground beef meat, meatballs, etc.
  2. Fish and seafood: Fresh fish, frozen fish, cured fish, salmon fillet, tilapia, shrimp, lobster, octopus, oyster, prawns, herring fish, smoked fish, fish roe, etc.
  3. Poultry products: Whole chicken, whole turkey, chicken thighs, quails, quail eggs, salted eggs, hard-boiled eggs, ground turkey meat, chicken meat, etc.
  4. Cheese and dairy products: Cheese ball, cheese portion, cheese slices, cheese wedges, cheddar cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese, sliced cheese, feta cheese, goat cheese, and so on.
  5. Bakery, pasta and ready meals: Self-heating meals, ready to eat meals, pizza, bread, fresh pasta, gnocchi, cakes, sandwich, toast, udon noodle, agnolotti, blinis, etc.
  6. Vegetables and fruits: Whole durian, durian pulps, Arabian dates, olives, baby leaf, carrots, chestnut, sweet corn cobs, microgreen salad, salad, pickles, potatoes, strawberry, blueberry, dried fruits, etc.
  7. More food products: Pet food, dog treats, dog food, cat food, rice brick pack, beans, etc.
  8. Non-food products: Medical products, medical masks, N95 masks, disposable masks, medical protective clothes, medical instruments, swabs, electric toothbrush head, facial masks, chemical products, hardware tools, electronic components, etc.

There are a lot more products that can be packed by thermoforming vacuum packaging machine are not in the above list, contact us to know if your product is available.

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Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
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Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
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