Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine

thermoforming packaging machine

Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine uses thermoforming technology to automatically form the bottom skin pack tray by a roll of bottom rigid film.The machine locks the product firmly in the skin pack trays by a layer of transparent skin pack film to offer the packages an attractive 3D appearance.

Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine specifications

Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machines are fully customizable according to customer’s product features, specifications and any unique packaging requirements. There are some common machine models, including LRZ320SKIN, LRZ420SKIN, LRZ520SKIN. The below specifications are for reference

Bottom film width322 mm422 mm522 mm
Top film width295 mm395 mm495 mm
Power supplyCustomize, 3 PhaseCustomize, 3 PhaseCustomize, 3 Phase
Total powerAbout 15 KWAbout 18 KWAbout 20 KW
Packaging speed4-5 cycles/minute4-5 cycles/minute4-5 cycles/minute
Machine weightAbout 1600 KGsAbout 2000 KGsAbout 2500 KGs
Machine dimensionAbout 5000*800*1800 mmAbout 6500*900*1800 mmAbout 7500*1000*1800 mm


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When purchasing thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine, you need to prepare

To make sure the thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine work properly, the following devices must be prepared and well installed:

  1. Electricity: The thermoforming packagiing machine requires 3 Phase power supply. We customize the machine according to the electricity specification of your area. Please make sure of stable electricity supply.
  2. Compressed air: The machine requires compressed air to work, air pressure no less than 0.6 Mpa, norminal air flow 1 m3/minute. The connecting pipe is PU pipe with diameter 16 mm. There must be filter on your air compressor to make sure of clean compressed air.
  3. Cooling water: You can use either clean running water, or water chiller for recycling water.

What is the cost of thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine

Our thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine price starts from USD85000.

Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine application range

Frozen durian vacuum skin packaging machine
Agricultural Produces
Pork cutlets vacuum skin packaging machine
Meat and Poultry
Ready to eat meals vacuum skin packaging machine
Ready Meals
Lobster tail vacuum skin packaging machine-premade trays
Fish and Seafood
Cheese wedge vacuum skin packaging machine

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Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine
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