Complete range of vacuum packaging machines

Vacuum packaging machines are equipments for vacuum packaging of food and non-food products for the purpose of prolonging shelf life, moisture proof, moth proof, reducing product volumes, etc.

Yide Machinery Co., Ltd. offers vacuum packaging machines of various output capacity to meet unique needs of customers, including double chamber vacuum packaging machines, belt-type continuous vacuum packaging machines, conveyor belt vacuum packaging machines and single chamber vacuum sealers. If you are not sure which machine to use, please contact us for suggestions.

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Vacuum Packaging Machines

vacuum packaging machine

Belt-type continuous vacuum packaging machine

double chamber vacuum packaging machine

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine

single chamber vacuum sealer

Single chamber vacuum sealer packaging machine

vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum packaging machine with conveyor belt

vacuum packaging machine

Rotary pre-made pouch vacuum packaging machine

What is vacuum packaging

Food is the basic needs of people to live, throughout the human history, people have been struggling to get food and keep food edible for as longer time as possible. Many food storage methods were invented, but until 1940s, the invention of vacuum packaging started the REAL scientific storage solution. Vacuum packaging is meant to evacuate all the air in containers like plastic bags, trays and jars, to restrain the growth of aerobic bacteria, for the purpose of prolonging food products’ shelf life.

Vacuum packaging technology is also used for packaging of non-food products, including medical devices (masks, swabs, medical garments, gauzes, etc), laboratory instruments, hardware like precision bearings, etc. The purpose of vacuum packaging in non-food products often involves anti-rust, anti-moisture, and funci-proofing.

Advantage of vacuum packaging

In vacuum packaging, the product is enclosed in a package which is made of a material having low oxygen permeability and is sealed air tight after evacuating the
air. There are many advantages of vacuum packing in gas impermeable and heatstable material.
  • Low risk of post pasteurization contamination.
  • Vacuum packages of food are Easy to handle
  • Vacuum packaging inhibits the growth of aerobic Spoilage organism.
  • By removing oxygen from the packets it slowing of deleterious oxidative reaction in the food during storage due to oxygen barrier properties of the packaging material.
  • Vacuum packages act as oxygen and vapor barrier.
  • Vacuum packages are oil resistant, chemical resistant and transparent
  • It maintains the quality of products higher.
  • vacuum packaging assuming product safety and reducing economic loss of stored food products
  • Vacuum packaging in combination with freezing storage improves the shelf life of product considerably

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum packaging machine is used for vacuum packing with packaging materials having an extremely high gas barrier for the persistence of food preservation. The 4 types of vacuum packaging machines are classified by mechanical faculty: nozzle, chamber, skin pack, and thermoforming. We are listing our vacuum skin pack machines and thermoforming vacuum packaging machines in independent categories.

Vacuum packing machine applications

We have vacuum packing machines for industrial purpose and household small food shop purpose.
Double chamber vacuum packaging machine and belt type vacuum packing machine offer high production capacity, so that it’s ideal solution for food factories and supermarkets;
Single chamber vacuum sealer is better for small business owner, like small factory or food shop, supermarkets;
Tabletop chamber vacuum sealer is good for household chicken use, or small food shop.
The roatary premade pouches vacuum packaging machine and thermoforming vacuum packaging machine are 2 types of fully automatic vacuum packaging machines with maximum capacity, which is ideal for food factories that require high volume output capacity.

What products can be packed by vacuum packaging machines

You are allowed to vacuum pack almost any products with our vacuum packing machines.
In fact, vacuum packaging machines are very common in food and non-food business. You can pack: Fresh meat; cured meat; Sausages; Bacon; Seafood products like shrimp, lobster, talipia fillets, salmon fillets;seasoned vegetables and fruits; Cheese products; Textile products; Laboratory products; hardware, etc.

What can’t be vacuum packed?

Please be noted that not all products are good for vacuum packaging. The follow products can’t be vacuum packed, or at least, can’t be vacuum packed without appropriate processes.

  1. Fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables need to absorb carbon dioxide in the air for photosynthesis. Vacuum packaging will isolate the vegetables from carbon dioxide, so that the vegetables will decay more quickly. To use vacuum pack, you need to process the vegetables and fruits before hand.
  2. Articles with sharp edges and corners. There are no problems in the process of vacuum packaging for the angular items. The key is that the friction between the items and the items will cause the bag to leak air and lose the vacuum packaging after the vacuum is completed. Vacuum packaging is not recommended for angular items.
  3. Too fine and light powder. In principle, the powder can be vacuum packed, but some chemical powders that are too thin and light will be drawn out of the bag during the packaging process, so vacuum packaging is not recommended for such items. How to distinguish whether it is too fine or too light powder, the simplest way is that users can take a small amount of product packaging to test one or two bags.

How much does a vacuum packaging machine cost?

As we can see from above contents, there are many types of vacuum packing machines with various working process and capacities. The cost of these vacuum packing machines are certainly different at wide price ranges, from a few hundred US dollars to over seventy thousand US dollars.

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