Automatic brick shape vacuum packaging machine

automatic brick shape vacuum packaging machine for rice beans

Automatic brick shape vacuum packaging machine is a packaging equipment specially designed to vacuum pack granular products into brick shape packages, like rices, beans, grains, nuts, corn kernels, seeds, oats, tea, cat litter, etc.

This innovative vacuum packaging machine has achieved a breakthrough in vacuum packaging technology for products such as rice and beans. People no longer need to use the slow semi-automatic double chamber vacuum packaging machine and belt-type continuous vacuum packaging machine to do the brick shape vacuum packages, which requires massive manual operation to weigh products and fill products into vacuum bags.

With BRICK500, every process is done automatically and fast. You will save a lot of labor cost with this brick shape vacuum packaging machine.

Brick shape vacuum packaging machine specifications

Model No.BRICK500
Package weight1 machine can handle 100 – 5000 grams packs by changing molds
Packaging speed12-28 packs/minute
Power supplyCustomize, 3 phase
Total powerAbout 10 KW
Machine dimensionAbout L 1500 * W 1800 * H 3100 mm, doesn’t include automatic weighing devices
Compressed air0.4-0.6 MPa, 24m3/h
PriceStarts from USD45000, FOB price. Price includes the weigher and packaging machine, doesn’t include elevator and any other devices.

Brick shape vacuum packaging machine features

  1. The machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainles steel, 100% guarantees food safety and comply with food production regulations
  2. Automatic weighing – dosing – bag fetching – filling – vacuum – sealing, which means the whole process is automatic, reuqires minimum manual operation
  3. Safety alarm for any faults
  4. High efficiency with packaging speed up to 28 packs/minute
  5. Specially designed for beautiful brick shape vacuum packages

Packaging samples

automatic brick shape vacuum packaging machine
automatic brick shape vacuum packaging machine


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