Belt Type Continuous Vacuum Packing Machine

belt type continuous vacuum packing machine

Belt type vacuum packing machine is a type of chamber vacuum sealer that uses a belt to convey packages into and out of the chamber.

  • Sealing bar length: 1000/1100 mm
  • Sealing bar quantity: 1 sealing bar for large packages with length about 42 cm, 2 sealing bar machine for smaller packages with length around 20cm
  • Vacuum pump: BUSCH vacuum pump, or China brand vacuum pump. 100 or 200 m³/hour
  • Micro-computer program control
  • SUS304 stainless steel
  • Working plate angle is adjustable which is convenient for packing of products with more liquid

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Belt type continuous vacuum packing machine brief introduction

Belt type continuous vacuum packing machine LDZ1000 series from Lander Machinery and Package is one kind of chamber vacuum packing machine that has a rotary conveying belt to transport pouches into the vacuum chamber, and then out of the vacuum chamber after vacuum sealing process is completed. The vacuum and heat sealing process are completed in the working chamber by vacuum pump and heating assembly set.

Belt type continuous vacuum packing machine can be used for vacuum sealing of vacuum pouches, retort pouches of various materials, including PET, PA, PE, Aluminum foil, and compound material pouches.

belt type continuous vacuum packing machine
belt type continuous vacuum packing machine
belt type continuous vacuum packing machine

Belt type continuous vacuum packing machine specifications

There are 4 regular models of belt type continuosu vacuum packing machine, which are different in sealing bar length (100 cm, 110cm) and sealing bar quantityes (1 PC, 2 PCs). Please select the right machine according to your package dimensions. The maximum pouch length can be customized at extra price.

Model No.LDZ1000/1SLDZ1000/2SLDZ1100/1SLDZ1100/2S
Sealing bar length1000 mm (39”)1000 mm (39”)1100 mm (43”)1100 mm (43”)
Sealing bar qty.1 PC2 PCs1 PC2 PCs
Max. pouch length420 mm (16.5”)220 mm (8.6”)420 mm (16.5”)220 mm (8.6”)
Machine dimension1900*1500*1300 mm1900*1600*1300 mm2000*1500*1300 mm2000*1600*1300 mm


Belt type continuous vacuum packing machine features

  • The vacuum packing machine is completely made of stainless steel for maximum durability and food hygiene
  • Hygienic design, easy to clean
  • The angle of the covenyor table is adjustable for convenient packaging of various types of products with liquid
  • Easy cleaning conveyor belt by simple water flushing
  • Highly efficient vacuum pump, optional Germany brand, like BUSCH, or China brand vacuum pump
  • Microcomputer control system & electrical box are waterproof
  • Simple to operate microcomputer control system with multiple program setting options
  • Stainless steel chain meets food sanitary requirements and ensures product quality
  • Easy moving by the travelling wheels
  • The best feature and most convenient point of the belt type continuous vacuum packing machine is that, the rotating conveying belt enables combination to a main conveying belt to collect the finished packages. Operators only do the minimum work to put the products into pouches and put the pouches at the right place of the sealing bar.
  • Applicable for various mass production factories

Main Components

belt type continuous vacuum packing machine

Belt type continuous vacuum packing machine applications

LDZ series belt type vacuum packing machine is a typical type of chamber vacuum sealer and vacuum packaging machine, for vacuum and seal of vacuum pouches retort pouches with products inside, the purpose is to:

  1. Prolong the shelf life of food products,including meat products, sausages, beef, pork, venision, poultry products, aquatic products, seafood and fishes, vegetables and fruits, cheese products, pet food, etc.
  2. The machine is also ideal equipment for vacuum packing of non-food products, such as medical instruments, laboratory equipment, auto-parts, high precision machine parts, etc, to provide safe, dry, hygienic, anti-rust storage environement for these products.

How may pouches can this machine vacuum pack per hour?

The capacity of the belt type continuous vacuum packing machine is 2-3 cycles per minute. The capacity is determined by your package dimensions.

For example, if you have package size 18*30 cm, the sealing side is 18 cm, and the pouch length is 30cm. The right machine is LDZ1000/1S or LDZ1100/1S. The packing speed is as below:

Pouch size18*30 cm18*30 cm
Machine ModelLDZ1000/1SLDZ1100/1S
Pcs of pouches per cycle5 PCs6 PCs
Cycles per minute2-32-3
Packs per  minute10-1512-18
Packs per hour600-900720-1080

And if your pouch size is 18*20 cm, vacuum packing machine with 2 sealing bars (LDZ1000/2S, LDZ1100/2S) is applied to double the packing speed.

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