Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

external vacuum sealer

External vacuum sealer packaging machine LEV series, sealing bar length 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, please let me know your requirement.

  1. Function: Vacuum sealing; Sealing only; Gas flushing and sealing.
  2. Made of SUS304 stainless steel;
  3. Packaging quantity counting;
  4. Tabletop type available
  5. Vertical type available
  6. Packing Capacity: 10 – 25 seconds each packing cycle
  7. AC Input Power: Customize

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What is external vacuum sealer

External vacuum sealer is the equipment that evacuate the air in the package by vacuum pump and nozzles, the package is at the outside of the vacuum packing machine rather than in a vacuum chamber.

External vacuum sealer price list

We can supply extern vacuum sealer with sealing bar length from 500mm, 600mm, up to 2000 mm.

Model No.Sealing bar lengthPrice (FOB, USD)
LEV500500 mm1600.00
LEV600600 mm1700.00
LEV800800 mm1800.00
LEV10001000 mm2200.00
LEV12001200 mm2400.00
LEV14001400 mm2600.00
LEV16001600 mm3800.00
LEV18001800 mm4100.00
LEV20002000 mm4800.00

Cost of additional functions

Except for the basic functions of external vacuum sealer, the following funcitons may be needed, the prices will be:

  1. Double heating system, for thick bags and aluminum foil bags, price USD150.00
  2. Multiple nozzles, USD130 per PC
  3. Hand press protection, USD160
  4. Air compressor, USD350
  5. Gas mixer, for gas flushing function that needs mixed air of O2, CO2, N2. USD2000.


External vacuum sealer features

  • Single Retractable High-Vacuum Flow Rate Nozzle: Stainless steel, more durable and easier to clean than plastic nozzles, improving overall performance.
  • (optional) Upper & Lower Heating Elements: Upper and lower heating elements allow for thicker bags or aluminum foil bags; Faster sealing.The LEV series heat sealers come with a single heat element which is suitable for most materials, however for materials which require even heating from both sides, we offer an option for dual heating elements
  • PLC Control Panel: Allows for accurate control of vacuum, gas purge, seal time and dwell settings. Able to program and store multiple recipes.
  • Ejector Vacuum System: Compressed air-driven vacuum pump that does not require regular maintenance, and can achieve up to 26 in Hg.
  • Pneumatic Safety-System: Prevents accidental operator injury by use of a back-pressure sensitive micro switch to prevent jaws from locking down in the event an unwanted object (i.e. hand or finger) is present in the seal area. (option at extra cost)
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel Body, Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Frame: Stainless steel and anodized aluminum are easy and quick to clean.Ideal for food, medical and clean room applications
  • More sizes options: Sealing length from 500 to 2000 mm. If you have other requirements, please contact us to customize

What products can be packed by external vacuum sealer

Nozzle type external vacuum sealer packing machine is often used for packaging of Electrical & IC fields, semiconductors, optical instruments (OPTIC-NANO), machine parts, telecommunications (cellular phone), medical (includes pharmaceuticals), fibers, stationery, presents, foods (various food products that need vacuum or gas flushing packaging), other various fields (military, research, distribution, service, books, etc.)

What are the advantages of external vacuum sealer over chamber vacuum packing machine

  • Air in the packages is drawn directly from inside of the package for more efficient packaging
  • Sizes of packages are not restricted by the size of chamber
  • Offers flexibility of full or partial gaseous flush
  • Appropriate for cleanroom applications as the ejector vacuum pump releases very few particles
  • Suitable for packages with grains or liquid with vertical-type and angle control models
  • Ideal for packages susceptible to external shock which the chamber-type sealers employ

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