Sweet corn cobs cutting machine

corn cobs automatic cutting machine

Corn cobs cutting machine is designed to cut off the head and tail part of the corn cobs to make them ready for the next step of washing, blanching, and vacuum packaging, etc.


  1. The corn cobs cutting machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless, ensures long service life, and 100% inline with food hygiene.
  2. The cutting machine can be used for any types of corn cobs
  3. The length of the cutting is adjustable, and customizable
  4. Sharp and long lasting cutting knives ensures fast-speed cutting productivity

Corn cobs cutting machine pecifications

NameCorn cobs cutting machine
Machine sizeAbout 700*150*90 cm
ProductivityAbout 10000-15000 ears per hour
MaterialSUS304 stainless steel
Total powerAbout 7.5 KW
Power supply380V, 50HZ, 3Phase, or customize


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Sweet corn cobs cutting machine
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