Vegetable Chopper Cutting Machine

automatic vegetable cutting machine chopper machine

The MVC-T Series Multi-function vegetable cutting machine is designed for processing various vegetable and other products, includin root vegetables, stem vegetables, leaf vegetables, kelp, and some types of wheaten food.

According to machine size and capacity, Yide Machinery has introduced 3 varieties of MVC-T vegetable cutting machines: MVC-T660, MVC-T1000, MVC-T2000.


The model number with H is cutting machine with the Slicing Header.

Model No.MVC-T660(MVC-T660H)MVC-T1000(MVC-T1000H)MVC-T2000(MVC-T2000H)
Capacity100-600 kg/h200-1000 kg/h300-2000 kg/h
Power consumption0.75 KW1.5 KW1.5 KW
Power supplyCustomizeCustomizeCustomize
Dimension900*460*740 mm1300*600*1050 mm1400*790*1020 mm
Weight100 KG180 KG260 KG

Vegetable cutting machine components

The Slicing Header is optional. Function of the slicing header is to slice stem vegetables like potatoes, then cut to strips in the cutting area, if this function is not necessary for you, please order the machine without Slicing Header.

automatic vegetable cutting machine

Vegetable chopper cutting machine applications

MVC-T series vegetable cutting machine can slice, cut, chop vegetables, fruits and other products, including potatoes, carrots, beancurds, seaweed, cabbages, cucumber, yam, radish, bamboo shoots, hot pepper, long beans, leeks, etc.

vegetable chopper machine
vegetable chopper machine
vegetable chopper machine

Vegetable chopper machine features

1. Multi-function. The cutting machine is multi-function because of the ability to process many types of vegetables, fruits and other products, also because it cuts the products into different shapes and sizes
2. Different cutting knives

automatic vegetable chopper machine

3. The multi-function cutting machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel for longest service life and inline with food hygiene standards, easy to clean
4. Food grade conveying belt

automatic vegetable chopper machine

5. Easy operation by waterproof ON/OFF switch

vegetable automatic chopper machine

6. Moving wheels with brake, for convenient movement

7. High efficiency, fast cutting speed, output capacity up to 1000-2000 kg per hour, save labor cost.

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