Vegetable Fruit Slicer

Vegetables slicer VCM-P75

Vertical type multi-functon vegetables & fruits slicing | cutting machine is designed for slicing and cutting of various vegetables and fruits in different sizes, with output capacity of over 500 KGs per hour, which makes this machine a commercial grade equipment for central kitchen in factories, schools, central business district, ready-meals business owner, etc.

The vegetable slicer is made of SUS304 stainless steel for safety, longest durability and food hygiene. High efficiency, low power consumption, excellent performance by output homogeneous slices of vegetables and fruits.


This slicing machine is compact designed to save space and for convenient movement. Only less than 0.5 square meters (0.5 m², about 5.3 sq. ft) area is needed. The loading area height is about 1000-1200 mm, easy to operate without stretching arms too much.

Model No.Vertical vegetable slicer VCM-P75
Power supplyHousehold electric or industrial electric supply
Power consumption0.75 KW
Dimension650*700*1200 mm
FunctionFor slicing of vegetables and fruits
vegetable fruit slicing machine
vegetable fruit slicing machine
vegetable fruit slicing machine


1. The commercial purpose vegetables & fruits slicer is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, inline with high standard food hygiene regulations; Stable performance, no deformation after long service life; Anti-rust in moist working environment; Easy to clean, prevent the growth of bacteria.

vegetable fruit slicing machine

2. Easy to operate ON/OFF button controls the operation of the slicing machine

This vertical type vegetables & fruits slicing machine is controlled by simple ON/OFF button, super easy to operate, waterproof, hassle free.

vegetable slicing machine

3. There are 3 PCs of blades, made of high carbon chromium stainless steel 3CR13, sharp and durable, high strength. Make sure the slices are smooth and equably.

vegetable slicing machine

4. Stainless steel feeding inlets. The quantity and size of feeding inlets are customizable according to the dimension of your products.

Thicknesses of slices are adjustable from 1-12 mm.

The tilt angle of feeding inlets are customizable in case you need slices of different shapes.

vegetable slicing machine


The vertical type slicing machine VCM-P75 is designed to slice and cut various vegetables and fruits, including: Potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, lotus roots, yams, bamboo shoots, onions, giners, eggplants; Fruits without kernels like banana, pitaya, lemon, etc.

vegetable fruit slicing machine

Use and maintenance of vegetables & fruits slicing machine

Peoper usage and maintenance of the vegetables & fruits slicing machine is important to prolong it’s service life and guarantees it’s performance. Stick the following rules:

  • Keep the kitchen or workshop clean
  • Connect the machine correctly to the power supply. Make sure the knives make counterclockwise rotation, or else change the wires connection
  • No metal products, no kernels, no hard things to be inserted into the feeding inlet
  • Clean the machine outerly and innerly after every shift, make sure of 100% clean, no residue accumulation that causes growth of bacteria
  • Check and fasten the screws every week
  • Any maintenance shall be carried out after the main power is cut off
  • Store the vegetables & fruits slicing machine in dry & clean place if its idle.

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