Vegetable Strip Cutting Machine

vegetable potato strip cutting machine

Potato Chips Cutting Machine MPC-C01 uses centrifugal principle to shredding mass rhizome vegetables and fruits into strips. This innovative strip cutting machine that ensures large production output up to 500 kg/h, minimum labor needs, higher performance and longer product shelf-life. The machine not only easy to operate, but also high mobility which greatly improves the working efficiency and durability.


Model No.Potato Chips Strip Cutting Machine MPC-C01
DimensionL 700*W 580*H 1080 mm
Power supplyCustomize according to customer’s request
Power consumption1 KW
Weight110 KG
CapacityOver 500kg/h(It depends on actual ingredients and sizes.)
Strip sizesAdjustable from 6*6mm to 12*12mm


1. Compact design to save space. The potato chips cutting machine cover an area less than 0.5 square meters which is very space saving.

vegetable potato chips cutting machine

2. The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, durable and hygienic

3. Simple and dependable structure, easy to operate, clean and maintenance

4. For cutting of potato, sweet potato, taro, turnip, carrot, cassava, etc. into strips

5. Excellent performance, capacity up to 500KG per hour

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