Vortex Type Bubble Washer with Vibration Outfeed

vegetables and fruits washing machine

Vortex-type bubble washer machine is an ideal automatic washing equipment for various vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. The updated vortex washing system permits the product to pass through the washing tank along an adjustable water spiral, which means a distance of approximately ten times the length of the wash tank itself, so the vegetables and fruits are cleaned thoroughly.

The vortex-type bubble washing machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel for the longest service life and is in line with food hygiene regulations. Recycling water tank enables filtering and reusing of the spray water, save water source, environmentally friendly.

Vortex type bubble washer machine specifications

Yide Machinery VBW series vegetable bubble washer machines are available for customization.

Model No.VBW1000
Dimension420*113*130 cm
Weight460 KG
Power consumption4 KW
Power supply (Voltage, frequency)Customize
CapacityOver 1000 kg/h
vegetables washing machine

Vortex type bubble washer machine features

  1. Insect & floating particle rotary removal device for more delicate products and leafy products. The insect-removing drum can be easily lifted out of the washing tank (for example for cleaning). Opposed to other systems, the insect removal drum is conceived as open and easily accessible for cleaning and service. The device meets the highest industry standards and safety regulations.
  2. The washing machine is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, durable, hygienic, easy to clean
  3. Vibration screens with a range of hole sizes to suit your precise needs are available: 2, 5, 8, or 10 mm. The screens can easily be removed and changed within seconds by means of a rapid clamping system.
  4. Washing vegetables, fruits, and other products by the effect of air bubbles, better cleaning performance, least damage to the products
  5. High Pressure Sprayers above the pool wash vegetables from the top
  6. Sprayers of the lifting section wash the products at the last step with clean water
  7. Washed vegetables are automatically lifted to the next process step or container
  8. Frequency converter adjusting conveying speed freely
  9. The design of a Separate auxiliary tank is easy to transport and good for water circulation
  10. Ozone Generator to disinfect and sterilize (OPTIONAL)
  11. A water circulation device is installed to save water
  12. Customizable in specifications, large capacity up to 2000 KGs per hour
vegetables and fruits washing machine
vegetables and fruits washing machine


The vortex type bubble washer machine is usually designed as part of the production line for french fries, salads, ready meals, fruit crisps, snacks, etc. It can also be used solely as washing equipment, or form a cutting-washing combination with vegetable cutting machines.

The vortex type bubble washing machine can be used for washing & cleaning:
Vegetables: All types of leaf vegetables, stem vegetables, and root vegetables. Including cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers, spinach, celeries, lotus roots, radishes, taros, yams, corn cobs, etc. (whole vegetables, or vegetable cuts)
Fruits: Apples, dates, peaches, lemons, oranges, etc
Aquatic products: including kelps, fishes, shellfishes, oysters, etc

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Vortex Type Bubble Washer with Vibration Outfeed
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