VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging machine

vertical form fill seal packaging machine

LFS series VFFS vertical Form Fill Seal packaging machines are specifically designed for the packaging and wrapping of a wide range of product types and focus on markets where the main requirements are economy of packaging, higher productivity at a lower cost, ruggedness, and reliability due to the simplicity of design, and ease of operation of the machines. The automated working cycle includes batching and sealing of the product.

The machine uses packaging material from a single roll. The cycle is managed and controlled by a PLC programmable logic controller.

Pouch type

VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging machine uses a roll of film to automatically form several types of pouches, please see the picture below.

pouch types

VFFS vertical form fill seal machine specifications

Yide Machinery and Package offers VFFS machines that can support wide range of film width from a standard maximum film width of 420mm, 520mm to 720mm wide films. For wider film support, we can make machines that can handle a maximum film width of 820mm, 920mm, 1020mm & 1080mm films. Any other custom size of maximum film width are also welcomed.

Model No.LFS420 LFS520 LFS720
Pouch sizeWidth: 50-200 mmLength: 80-300mmWidth: 80-400 mmLength: 80-250mmWidth: 100-400 mmLength: 180-350mm
Filling volume (depends on the type of the products packed)150-1200g150-2000g150-6000g
Packing speed (PPM)5-60 bags/min5-50 bags/min5-10 bags/min
Power supplyAny custom voltage and frequencyAny custom voltage and frequencyAny custom voltage and frequency
Total power consumption2.2kw4kw5kw
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)1080*1300*14001180*1530*16701700*1270*1900
Compressed air0.3m³/min0.4m³/min0.4m³/min
Film roll width Max.420 mm520 mm720 mm


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Vertical form fill seal packaging machine main components

VFFS vertical form fill seal machine main components

Additional devices options for VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging machine

To reach maximum output capacity with minimum labor cost, there are several fillers and conveying devices that can be integrated with the pouch bagging packing machine for automatic packaging solutions. Choose the compatible devices according to the specifications of your products.

  1. Auger Filler (for powder products)
  2. Volumetric Cup Filler (for grains)
  3. Multi-head Weigher (for grains and granular items like chips, candies, etc.)
  4. Piston Pump (for liquid products)
  5. Tablet Counting Filler (for tablets)
  6. Vibrating Fillers (for block items, nails, screws, etc.)
  7. Screw elevator/conveyor for automatic continuous feeding of powder products
  8. Z-bucket elevator for automatic continuous feeding of granular products
  9. Agitator/mixer for liquid or paste products
  10. Product counter and stacking belt conveyor
  11. Extra filler equipment for different powder, granular, liquid or part type products packaging in a single machine. The choices are: volumetric cup filler, multi-head weigher, piston pump filler, auger filler, tablet counting filler, and vibrating filler
  12. Air compressor
  13. Complete production line including Metal Detector, Boxing Machines, Wrapping Machines etc.
related equipment

VFFS vertical form fill seal machine features

◎ Optical tracking devices to maintain high accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

◎ Fully automatic PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Control and HMI bases packaging machine which is easy to operate and control.

◎ Automatic alarm for machine fault.

◎ The frame of the machine is made of food grade SS304 stainless steel.

◎ Equipped with many safety features including machine operator protection through alarm and shutdown when the machine door is opened.

◎ Space saving, high performance, and high productivity machine.

◎ Easy bag former changing mechanism saves time and increases productivity.

VFFS machine application range

LFS series of VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging machines can automatically pack a very wide range of food and non-food products at high speed.

Liquid Products, including:

Water, juice, milk, ketchup, sauce, salsa, spice paste and semi-solids like automobile & industrial greases, garlic paste, tamarind paste, ointments, etc.

Granular Products, including:

Fruit & nut trail mixes, sunflower seeds, hazelnut, peanut, almond, walnut, pine nuts, beans, rice, lentil, chickpeas, herbs, noodle, pasta, couscous, corn seeds, rolls, fresh/dried/frozen fruits and vegetables, salt, sugar, coffee beans, grains, cereals, nuts, chocolate beans, cereal, tea, washing powder (granular), detergent, desiccants, dried fish, sprat, frozen fishes, croutons, fertilisers , chewing gum, beads, wine gums, peppercorn, popcorn, animal feed, cat food, dog food etc.

Powder Products, including:

Turmeric, chilly powder, spice powder, flour-like powders: wheat, maida, besan powder, skimmed milk powder, tooth powder, herbal powder, talcum powder, pigment powder, glucose powder, powder chemicals, pharmaceutical, pesticides, insecticides powder, etc.

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VFFS vertical form fill seal packaging machine
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